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    My name is Cherrie and I am new to this community. My family consists of my husband, 2 teen-age sons, Junior who is a 7 year old tabby cat, Bella, our 2 YO Golden Retriever, Julia an 18 month old unusually tiny coal black cat, Jody, our 7 month old Border Collie and now Hugo, a stray cat who is trying very hard to join the clan. I do think Hugo will stay as he now has a name... My son named him him Hugo because my husband keeps looking out the door & saying "little cat - you go away!"

    I joined this community because I enjoy teaching my dogs. I like seeing how happy they are when they have success with a new trick. I am looking forward to meeting other people who share this interest. Trick training is an important part of each day with my dogs. It might not be serious work - but it is serious bonding!

    I look forward to meeting everyone and trying out some of the fun & cool stuff on this site.


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    :welcome: sounds like one happy pack you have there!! We have some passionate 'golden' fans around here on dog trick academy!!

    I so agree with your viewpoint, that training DOES strengthen the bond with the dog, oh yes it does!! Couldn't agree more!

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