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    Hi, my name is hannah logan. my dogs name is Duke. He is a nine month old Australian Sheppard mix. We have been having quite a it of trouble with him between his seperation anxiety, and him not wanting to get into the car. He is a 40lb dog so he is not exactly light, and to make it worse when i try to pick him up he plays the "i'm dead weight, try to pick me up now" game. He is a great dog other than those two little issues though. plus, we are a military family so hes great at keeping me company when my husband is away. :)
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    Welcome to the DTA!

    Duke is a gorgeous boy :) I love the dead weight game...:cautious: It's amazing how heavy a 9lb dachshund can be when they want to be! :rolleyes:

    Clicker training is a great way to teach a reluctant dog to get in the car, so you're in the right place :) It would likely be best to post a thread about it in the general training forum to get optimum results :)

    I have a bunch of family in the military too :) Though it's a little different here, as they don't spend nearly as much time away as American soldiers do. Though my Uncle did do a tour in Bosnia, my Sister did 1 tour in Afghanistan, and my Brother in Law has done three tours in Afghanistan. But generally, they aren't away from home too much.
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    Welcome. Duke is a handsome boy, I love his face markings.
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    Hi and welcome! Duke is very handsome, and you're definitely in the right place for help, learning lots of stuff to keep Duke (and you) entertained, and company whenever you might need it! Have fun.
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    Hi and Welcome!:) Duke sure is one very handsome laddie, I too love his face markings.

    You're in the right place for help, as suggested by Sara, start a thread in the general training forum, you're sure to get heaps of help on how to get a 'nervous Nelly' into the car and loving it! Don't you just love the 'I'm dead weight game', such fun!:rolleyes::whistle::D
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    Welcome to the DTA! :) You have come to the right place. I'm sure we would all love to help you and give you some advice on your dog. :D
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    Welcome to the DTA! Duke is one good looking dog! :)

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