Hallo aus Deutschland!

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    my whole text is gone....
    That's so- typical me!

    Hello, my name is Bettina, 28 years old and apparantly clever enough to mark and delete a whole text instead of copying it (to save it ...):dognowink:

    So again (but shorter this time)
    I live in Germany and love doing trick training with my two dogs.

    My first (very own) dog is named Tinka and she is a mixed breed between small Münsterländer ( yeah German) and a Flat Coted Retriever.
    She is nearly 6 Years old(on 26th of june) and a very smart dog.

    She knows me very well and we managed to win the title "Superpfote 2008" [super-paw] in Germany last october.

    This is a competition for Trick-Dogs and their trainer.
    For sports we do Mantrailing, Agility and the daily dummytraining and swimming you just do if you own a retriever :doglaugh:.

    [IMG][/imgr]My second and also beloved dog is named Tabasco, he is a blue merle with tan border collie and just 17 Months old.
    So he does not know as many tricks than Tinka - (and does'nt have to- there is enough time!) but some very nice. For sports we do Obedience (just the must haves- that's not very mine) Agilty and Frisbee- both young dog training.

    So we want to join the community here- to see nice dogs and to help if there is need.
    so enough for the first time- questions? Ask!

    wuff wuff und Wau Wau
    Tinka und Tabasco
    with Bettina

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    :welcome: GREAT LOOKING DOGS!!

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