gurgling noises


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Bubba's belly has been makin' crazy gurgling noises at night lately. Not like hunger noises, more like digestive ones, but he doesn't look like he's too happy when I hear them. Everyone tells me I'm just over reacting....any input?


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How old is Bubba? Does he have diarrhea? My 5 month old puppy's tummy does this and she is experiencing diarrhea ...very sensitive stomach.


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Bubba's food may not react well with his stomach.....Maybe try changing his food or buying a small bag of something else and see if that helps!

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Have you wormed him lately? Keep an eye on digestion and consistency of his doo doo.... if it is not firm, he is sensitive to what you are feeding him.
Check his dog food ingredients. If he is eating corn or wheat or soy products, you should look into changing his diet.
AbiGirl is sooo sensitive, not to mention very picky... so I did alot of research on BARF diets (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and now have her on raw meats - she has finally stopped gurgling and she eliminates much less often and in perfect consistency... no more loose stools!


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It appears as though your dog is behaving normally, but you are hearing gurgly noises from the gut.

Ask yourself some questions:
1. Has there been any vomiting or diarrhea?
2. Have there been any changes in the character of his fecal output?
3. Does he have a normal appetite?
4. Is his activity level the same?
5. Is his attitude the same?
6. Is it possible that he has eaten something not in the diet plan? (treats, trash, yard stuff, plants?
7. How long has the gurgling been going on?
8. Can you correlate the onset with any dietary events?

9. Have there been any changes in his diet ?

I ask this because I know from previous posts that you have been trying several diet plans in an attempt to find the best one. Dogs don't do well with sudden dietary changes. Even if you are changing from one terrific diet to another great diet, you should spend 5 to 7 days making the switch.

What exactly are you feeding Bubba now? Do you make the exact same meal each time you feed him? (fixed formula type diet) Or are you changing slightly in order to give him some variety and taste thrills? Please respond with his exact diet, this might be important in figuring out his gurgles. :doghappy:


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answers about bubba

1. Has there been any vomiting or diarrhea?

2. Have there been any changes in the character of his fecal output?

A little bit of a color change

3. Does he have a normal appetite?Well, last week he seemed more hungry than ususal, and now he doesn't seem as hungry!

4. Is his activity level the same?
5. Is his attitude the same?
6. Is it possible that he has eaten something not in the diet plan?
Possibly treats
7. How long has the gurgling been going on?
Last week, haven't heard them in the past 3 days

8. Can you correlate the onset with any dietary events?
9. Have there been any changes in his diet ?
I've had him on Stella and Cheweys beef patties for about 2-3 weeks, but the store went up in price. Last Friday I got him other brands of Raw food from a different store. Nature's Variety Chicken patties, which he didn't like, and Northwest naturals beef nuggets, which he doesn't seem thrilled w/, but he's still eatin' it.
Yesterday I went back to my regular store and they suggested mixing in Lotus dry food with the raw, and he did seem to like it better

What exactly are you feeding Bubba now? Do you make the exact same meal each time you feed him? (fixed formula type diet) Or are you changing slightly in order to give him some variety and taste thrills? Please respond with his exact diet, this might be important in figuring out his gurgles. :doghappy:[/QUOTE]


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Well, I think that all the changes could (possibly not certainly) create some minor digestive disturbances that could result in gurgling noises. Intestinal noises can be associated with greater peristaltic activity (intestinal movement) or with the presence of gas in the bowel. Since he is not showing any diarrhea or very soft stool, he probably is not having decreased transit time.

The main reason that sudden changes cause problems is that with sudden changes in nutrient levels and types (sources) gut bacteria can proliferate or change populations, resulting in the production of gas or in an irritated bowel. This is why changes should be made gradually and not all of a sudden.

It sounds as though you have fed at least three different diets in the last two to three weeks. Was his gut noisy before all these changes? And has it settled down now?

Here are some thoughts about this situation:

1. Choose a diet and stick to it. If you must change, do it gradually. (Don't wait until you
are down to the last serving before getting more, so that if you must buy a different food, you have enough for a gradual change.)

2. Remember that unless you are purchasing a diet that is "fixed formula", there might be changes in ingredients that could lead to digestive signs. (If a formula is not fixed, it will contain whatever is most cost effective when that bag or can was manufactured. Then, even if you buy the same food, the ingredients could differ somewhat and result in an inadvertent sudden change.) If the bag or can does not say that is is fixed formula, you can call the manufacturer and ask.

3. I get the impression that you are very concerned about your dog's health, and that, of course, is admirable. However, there is such as thing as excessive micromanagement of your pet's health. You say that Bubba is acting fine, is eating reasonably well, and is not having diarrhea, vomiting, or other signs of illness. Sometimes we just have to relax and quit worrying about every little tummy grumble or tiny change in amount eaten that day or whatever.

I'm sure that you have days that you don't feel 100%. Maybe you feel a little uncomfortable, tired, not very hungry, whatever. But surely you don't immediately seek a total diet change or to institute a major lifestyle change on that basis. As long as you aren't showing major symptoms of a dangerous nature, you would tend to ride it out and see what happens. Generally, you'll feel better the next day or the one after, and just go on with life. You'll make yourself crazy if you worry about every little twinge or gurgle, whether in reference to yourself or your dog.

The best thing you can do for Bubba is to educate yourself about dog health so that you know what might be serious and what is innocuous. There are a lot of good dog health books out there, and you could talk to your vet/vet tech about signs to worry about.
And then relax and enjoy Bubba!

You could also make a serious effort to study canine nutrition, so that you can choose a diet intelligently, having learned how to evaluate a diet, how to know what your dog needs at this stage in his life, and are very clear on why you choose a particular diet.
That way, you won't be buying because of price alone, or because someone at the pet store said it was good, or because the advertisements make terrific claims that may or may not be true, or because folks on the internet make tremendous claims that may not be backed up by facts or research. You'll choose it because it offers your dog the optimal amounts of nutrients in a palatable and bioavailable form.

Good luck...and don't worry so much! :dogsmile:


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update on bubba

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted anything- but I took your advice, and I'm not worrying so much about every little thing that goes on with Bubba!I thought about it, and decided to go back to the homemade cooked diet. The whole reason I got away from that in the first place is cuz it seemed time consuming,especially when I also cook homemade meals for my hubby everyday. But when I was trying the other foods, i was worrying about him 24-7- so, that took up WAY MORE TIME!! What he eats now is: brown rice,boiled chicked,boiled egg,carrots,brewer's yeast, a cranberry pill, and flax oil. Yesterday I gave him a thin bottom round steak, cut in tiny pieces,mixed in with the rice,egg, and powdered supplements. Do u think that's enough nutrition? He seems to be ok, but if I should be omitting or adding anything- please tell me!THANK YOU SO MUCH


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Dear Alexa:

I'm glad to hear that you are not so "hyper" about your dog's GI system! You asked about the current diet, but did not give me all the information needed to truly evaluate it. I did sort oaf fudge on some figures, and came up with these rough results:

If you were using a recipe consisting of 1 cup brown rice, 200 grams cooked chicken (whole, meat only, skin and both dark and light, in water), 1 boiled egg, 1/2 cup cooked carrots, and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil, then I think that the entire amount would yield these approximate nutrient results:

calories: 699 kcals
protein: 55 g (21.4%)
carbs: 51 g (19%)
fat: 30 g (11%)
fiber 6 g (6%)
water (50%)

These figures are very approximate, since I really do not know the actual proportions of ingredients that you are using, and I don't know the amounts that Bubba is actually eating each day.

Here are some thoughts you might want to consider:

1. This may be quite a high fat diet (depending on your recipe!!). Unless Bubba is a very active dog, he probably does not need a diet this high in fat.

2. This appears to be a very low fiber diet. Adequate fiber is very necessary for bowel health. It stimulates peristalsis and holds water in the gut for lubrication.

3. If you are feeding more chicken and egg than I allowed for, the diet may be much higher in protein than is needed.

4. I have no easy way to calculate an amino acid profile, or a vitamin or mineral profile.
These are very important considerations, but they are probably impossible for an owner to figure out. Dietary mineral imbalances can do a great deal of harm, especially if feeding growing and immature large breed dogs.

5. When you decide to add steak instead of chicken, that changes the protein and fat content again. In fact each time you change the diets ingredients or proportions, you
change the nutrient content of the diet.

6. Nutrient amounts change in subtle ways depending on individual ingredient sources, and without laboratory analysis, you can't know for sure what you are feeding from batch to batch.

7. I would be particularly concerned about calcium/phosphorus ratio, and the levels of all the needed vitamins and minerals. You might want to stop the cranberry tabs and Brewer's yeast, and give a general canine multivitamin instead. (Ask your vet for a recommendation.)

Alexa, if you would like to explore this further, I would need exact measurements and/or weights of each ingredient, and I would need to know exactly how much (by weight) you feed Bubba per day (assuming he eats all that you give him.)

I don't exactly know why you want to feed a homemade diet, but for myself, I feel a lot more confidant that my dogs are getting the appropriate nutrition with every meal by feeding a quality food from a company I trust. My dogs live very long lives (the oldest was past 20 at her death) and they are active and generally healthy, in spite of the gloom and doom predicted by the anti-commercial diet crowd. I've been feeding commercial diets for over thirty years, and have no complaints about them. (And neither do my dogs! :dogsmile:)

But if you still want to cook for Bubba, you really need to be very meticulous and precise in formulating his food, and you need to understand why. You need to formulate the diet so that the nutrient percentages fit his lifestage and activity level. If you just put things together because they sound good to you and because Bubba likes them, you will will never really be sure that he is getting what he needs.

Good luck!


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flax oil has been associated with digestive upset. i mostly raw feed to. consider wild salmon oil or cod as a substitute. also feeding earlier or later ur evening meal might help. it could be normal digestion. Some holistic vets suggest that rice is very hard for dogs to digest, esp brown. think about no rice or another carb source. if he is thriving other wise it's probably nothing but u might ask at the next vet visit for a listen. things like GIRD, IBS, etc can be going on.

for the fat % age is a big factor. puppies need 15% fat for healthy growth. i would check with a holistic vet or caninie nutritionist before lowering fat for a growing puppy.