Grouching About An Unwalked Dog


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Along with a few other doggy people I've been trying to persuade the infirm owner of a marvelous big dog (of an active intelligent working breed) to let me walk him, he's worn a track round his garden and his longest walk is about 50 yards to the end of the road, this walk happens once in two blue moons.

Today I was passing the gate and had an unexpected opportunity to help hold the dog while the vet was there. Afterwards the owner (as I thought) turned to his wife and told her that this was the person who wanted to walk the dog. The man has seemed worried I couldn't hold the dog (it is BIG and behaves like a yoyo) but he was fairly positive on this occasion. I then ruined the opportunity by suggesting I held the lead and seeing whether I could handle the dog (at that point trying to lick me to death). The woman took hold of the dog, "This is MY personal protection dog" At this point the man turned away and went back into the house, like she'd slammed prison gates on him as well as the dog. "It isn't good for the dog to take orders from too many people. He gets plenty of exercise in the garden and when (husband) is able to walk him." I tried not to look at the garden disbelievingly, promised not to attack the woman (she looked disbelieving), so I told her again what a marvelous dog she has, we discussed grooming, and then I said my farewells.

I really feel I failed the dog by being too keen, I thought the woman was worried I couldn't handle the dog actually she was worried I could, and now what do I do? We parted on good terms, I'm now quite sure the man is on the dog's side, the man likes my dog, they know several of their neighbours know me, they know the vet knows me. I can't think of a better set of references. Maybe the man will keep trying to wear her down but she struck me as the obstinate type. I did wonder about begging the somewhat unconventional vet to prescribe long walks as a cure for anal gland inflammation...


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Wow what a tricky situation! Some people are very odd about thier dogs aren't they?! Do you think she'd be open to bring the dog out with you? Really hard to know what to suggest....


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Thanks Mewzard, odd just about sums them up, odd in many ways that I haven't begun to describe.

It's a great idea but I don't think she'd be able to hold him, even the man just about needs a sea anchor when the dog sees another dog. Also I doubt she'd manage to walk as far as the end of the road. In a way I can understand her attitude, I used to be selfish with Zac but I do give him lots and lots of exercise myself and no one in their right mind would suggest Zac is a guard dog type.

I guess I should just forget prisoner dog... but the problem is... he IS such a fantastic dog.


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ohh, RDog, i understand. Wow, darn shame. It IS reeally hard to see a dog you know could have a better life, but for a few small changes, yet, the owners are obstinate...It IS hard to to get the dog outa your mind.
Well, RDog, KUDOS to you for even trying. It's hard to imagine what that person was even thinking all. wha?
Also, if this dog is huge, and strong, and a lunger, you might be able to use a "Gentle Leader" or a "Black Dog" head halter to walk the dog.
There is a senior citizen on my street who had a big dog, who pulled too much for his senior hands to manage, and i talked to him about a GL and he got one, and he LOVES walking his dog now, and walks that dog several times a day now, with confidence his dog IS going where he goes! lol.:) AND no more pain in his arthritic hands anymore.
so maybe,
these ppl might be like the old guy on my street,
and if they had a head-halter, properly fit and all,
and some basic education on how to properly use one safely (like don't ever yank on a headhalter, etc)
*maybe* they'd walk their dog and LOVE doing it.....???????
Darn shame about dogs who do not get walked. There's any number of these in my neighborhood....


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Thanks Tigerlily, I like the GL idea it might at least get the dog to the end of the street a little more often. Next time I see the man I'll try to drop the suggestion into the conversation. I'm guessing that now the wetter colder weather is here the dog won't get walked again until the Spring :(.

Most dogs it probably wouldn't bother me so much, I don't even particularly like this breed but this dog really HAS something about him.


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You could always work the "protection dog" thing to your advantage. If she, her husband or at least you walked the dog it would be
  • more in shape a.k.a more able to protect the area
  • Able to detect friend from foe a.k.a it wouldn't accidently attack a child coming to get something out of the yard

  • Less nervous when left alone . No destructive behaviors either to himself or the area he is in

  • better for the dogs' bone and joint health, heart, and lung function meaning he will stay healthy to protect her

  • If she walked the dog it would improve the relationship between to the two also helping to protect her
If you're up to it just some prodding will help her realize that it will help him and just because someone is walking the dog doesn't mean they are going to listen to them. Maybe you'd be able to get her to walk him. No dog deserves to be left in a garden for its exercise.


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Charmedwolf - Those ideas are GREAT!!! Thank you!!! :notworthy::notworthy:

I will try to get an opportunity to use some of them on the owners, perhaps on the man and if I'm right that he is on the dog's side he can encourage the woman to think along those lines. If that is she is able to think rationally... a point on which I am not 100% clear. Still they are just the sorts of things that might convince them. Now I've got a new argument I can't wait to see them again! :)

Look out Prisoner Dog, you may get parole yet!