Gretel 1: Bathroom Cabinet Under The Sink 0


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btw, this product called "wood putty" is quite amazing, and might fix that gash, and then you'd have to sand it smooth, and repaint it.
then, you might have to either teach "leave it" for that wooden cabinet, (she's likely to repeat this, she probably found the chewing of it to be pleasurable:rolleyes: )
or get lil bottle of some bitter type of spray to put on that wood....


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my friends dog once chewed through doors---literally made a HOLE through a door,:eek:
and also ate walls. His current dog is also doing the similar things, and has already chewed off the bottoms of all their vertical blinds, has destroyed some favorite shoes, and his wife's purse....
my friend must have very bad luck with dogs.:oops:


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Wow, good luck surviving the chewing stage. I sure don't miss Missy being a pup she chewed everything till she was 3. Her favorite things were batteries:eek: .


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TigerLily: yes, Gretel was home alone at the time but she did have the room full of toys and things to play with...None of my puppies has ever destroyed anything. Willow hasn't even broken a toy, EVER...but Gretel makes up for all of them put together :cautious: I'm sure she'll grow out of it with maturity and training.

Thanks for the product advice, I'll definitely look out for "wood putty" :)


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Not sure if this video might provide any ideas, cuz an energetic puppy in his chewing stage who is home alone IS an energetic puppy in his chewing stage home alone....

but, for whatever it is worth, this quickie video *might* help, or it might not, but, it can't hurt.
My pal whose dog is eating his vertical blinds, used this to get his puppy happy to be home alone in a dog-proofed bathroom full of kongs and puzzles, etc. (of course, no way to remove a cabinet from a bathroom...:oops: but, you could put bitter spray on the cabinet )
but some dogs do better not shut into a room, but my pal wants his dog shut into a room cuz he is so upset about alllll the blinds in his home are destroyed.