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    Hi Everyone, I stumbled upon this forum while looking help from the internet to solve a problem I have with our two dogs; she is a staffy mix (approx. 2 years, nobody knows for she is a pound rescue) and he is a boxer mix (1,5 years). We live in a small city in a South Island of New Zealand and we have been here for just over 2 years.

    I have pretty much always had a pet and I have always loved animals - our first family pet was a bowl of those little fish that we call "million fish"...which end up dying during one of our holiday when our friend over fed them. Oh well.. Our next pet was our lovely ginger cat that ended up living with us for 22 years! She was a character of her own but I loved her to bits and she became more "my cat" than others. My step dad had a gorgeous German Shepard and my sister has always had dogs. Funnily enough I never though I had a dog for I found them to be a bit too needy. Until I got married and ended up saving total 3 dogs! First of our rescue dogs we found in the streets of Nepal when we were living there - we thought to bring her with us but it ended up being not so easy so we first boarded her to a lovely American family who eventually ended up adopting her. So she lives in USA now! We moved to NZ and I thought I can't take another for I was so sad to let her go. Then we volunteered to a local SPCA and they had the city pound right there, on their property. It was heart breaking and the worse place ever. We saw so many dogs and wished to adopt them all fully knowing it was impossible. We saw them going in to a building and never coming back :( One night my husband told me about this white little staffy looking furbaby who is just sitting there and crying. I was heartbroken and thought if I take one, how about the others. But he was determined and we adopted her in a last possible minute - we got so lucky, the person who was supposed to take her to the vet got busy so she got some extra time and we were able to find her there and bring her home with us. Our second dog was actually a dog to our first - to be her companion and friend during the times when we were working for it was clear our first dog really had issues of being left alone and who can blame her? So after few weeks of hard ships and quite brutal get together with these two, they bonded for good and now they are like sister and brother, fighting and sleeping next to each other.

    He is truly my baby - when "my boy" came to us, he was just a small bag of bones, barely 1,5kg boxer mix boy! Looked like those children in Africa, starving and just needing love - and since we do not have children, he became my baby boy. He is sweet, loving boy who is really a drama queen and scared a lot of things but thinks he is a big boy. His "sister" protects him and stands beside him even if they fight with each other - being both still puppies. There are some behavioral issues (more than just boxer being a boxer and destroying shoes etc when getting bored) which I need help with and I hope you people are able to help me with but I guess I let it all out in another thread.

    Animals and animal rights are really close to my heart and I wish I could save as many as I could. My heart breaks to read all the horrible news around the world of how people treat their dogs and so many times I just sit and cry and hug my dogs for at least I was able to save them.

    Unfortunately it is really expensive to keep a dog in NZ and all we can do is donate to rescue and hope for the best. One day I wish to have an old farm house with huge land so I can foster, adopt and board dogs and cats and other animals and create a small haven for them. Thank you for reading!

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    Welcome to the DTA! Post a thread about the issues you're having with your two babies, and we'll try to answer any questions. Also, please post pics :) We LOVE pics! LOL
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    Welcome, marsala! Looking forward to learning more about you and your babies. Can't wait for the pictures!
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    Welcome:) You're in the right place, a lot of people here either foster or adopt Shelter dogs. It is so sad isn't it, I too cry like crazy over all the terrible, senseless things people do to animals.

    I will go over and check your other thread and see if I can help. And please, as requested by others, pics we LOVE pics and/or videos!
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    Hi and welcome! You're in a place of like-minded people. Lots of us have rescues and feel just as you do, so you're in good company here. We'd love to see pics of your babies, and do start a new thread, and you'll get lots of suggestions on how to make it thru puppyhood. :LOL: Have fun on the forum!
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    Welcome! :D

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