Greetings from Ireland


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Hi all, my name is John and I'm from Dublin Ireland. I'm 40 and have three dogs. Jess (springer) Daisy (springer) and The Flying Fox (pointer cross). I currently work for the largest re-homing organisation worldwide here in Dublin in it's flagship centre. I am also just finishing my first year studying of a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training through Bishop Burton College in England. I have had Jess and Daisy since they were eight weeks old (now 5) and The Flying Fox I recently adopted who is approx 2 years old.
I only became interested in the training of dogs in the last year after attending a workshop as a participant hosted by Ian Dunbar. Since then I have given up my company I had run for nearly eight years and thrown myslef head first into all things dog related.
My ambition is to get involved in the training of detection dogs in all aspects from arms to drugs to explosives. A bit late in my career to be making such a radical change but I can't get enough of working with dogs.
Looking forward to making some new friends around the world and getting actively involved in positive training techniques and spreading the word.
Feel free to ask any questions and I love a good debate.
John.....(aka) Houch :dogbiggrin:


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hi john. I am doing similar myself. have reorientated my life and career, and enjoying it so much more with my one dog. i will be getting more later when in a position to do so, but we are working on the Truffle detection instead of arms etc. Enjoy the site.