Gozh Project In Romania

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    GOZH is a Dutch organization which collects supplies for street dogs and cats and also for foreign private shelters.
    These supplies include, among others:
    • Dry Food / Snacks
    • Plastic Dog Baskets
    • Kennels
    • Blankets
    • Feeding Bowls
    • Collars / Leashes
    • Deworming Agents
    • Flea Products
    • Medications
    • Dog Toys
    • Rags / Towels
    GOZH' s main objective is to offer emergency assistance and to donate these goods to the dogs and cats so they can have better living conditions.

    GOZH has developed more projects in countries, such as: Spain, Bulgaria andRomania.

    http://gozhromania.webs.com/ :)
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