Good, Sturdy, Homemade Dog Toys? Anyone?

Chloe and Buddy

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Ok, so I have a dog toy that I made for Bud, and he won't touch it... :( Anyone got a better idea? (He likes to rip, shake, and kill)


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I use fleeceblankets, that I cut up in strips, then braid them together together, put a knot in at each end and that makes a good tugtoy. Used six strips for this one, first braided six, then split them up in two strands of 3. Be sure to braid very tightly, because it stretches.

I put a tennisball in an old sok(clean one:D)
I go to secondhand stores or carbootsales to look for cheap stuffed animals. The ones made for dogs are way too expencive, so I get ones that are for baby's. They don't have plastic eyes and often have a sound thing in them.
Yoou can make your own treattoys too, by using plasic disposable containers. Cut small holes in it, fill with treats and tape the lid on. Be sure to supervize this, because it is not safe to leave your dog alone with this.
Here is a video on making them from kikopup

Chloe and Buddy

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Haha, that is actually the toy I made for him... He won't touch it at all! I'm thinking I should, like, soak it in chicken broth or something... (jk ;))
Oh, but last night, I weaved pieces of treats into the braid, and he attacked it, but after Buddy ate all of the treats, he put it down and wouldn't touch it again... :rolleyes:


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Thats a great idea Jean, Years ago I bought something very similar for my dog except it was braided instead of knotted. It has lasted forever... I still have it. She would unknot it and the braid would fall apart and I would just re-braid it but she was never able to totally destroy it. I started making them myself and giving them away to people for their dogs. I would go to the fabric store and buy the fleece for making blankets. It's great to buy it in the spring cuz that's when it goes on sale and you can get it cheap. Plus the major fabric store here (jo ann fabrics) has a mailing list I signed up for and they send a coupon every month, so I would get the fleece even cheaper then the sale.

I have a solution for when you dog is not interested in a new toy too. It's kinda gross but it works great... I just stick it in my dirty clothes hamper for a few days.... after I take it back out they think its an awesome toy...


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lol, what a great tip, Levi! rofl!!

for *my* dog, if *I* show great interest in the toy, usually that also makes Buddy like the toy, too. Like i tug the new toy a lot with him, and whenever Buddy touches the toy or plays with the toy, he gets attention and praise, i''ll frequently take the new toy and throw it, i carry it around it sometimes, etc etc.<------this kind of stuff makes my dog "like" toys more.
Also, rubbing parmesan cheese:LOL: or peanut butter on toys, also helps Buddy like a toy.

My Buddy has some types of toys he has very little interest in,
but sort of just to see if i could----
i took some lame toy that he would otherwise be bored of, and i fussed all over that toy, fussed all over him whenever Buddy touched the toy,
did this for a few days, :ROFLMAO:
and doncha know, Buddy carried that toy around in his mouth almost nonstop for a long time--------- even Craig said "Wow, i can't believe Buddy likes that stupid toy so much."
and i kinda laffed and said "i made him like it, is why!":ROFLMAO: