GOOD MOVIE for dog lovers, on Sept 3rd!


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I have not seen ths move yet, i've only seen some trailers(film clips) advertising a movie about some guy who brings home a really emotionally messed-up dog--- apparently the film is about what WE have to learn to help a really troubled dog become whole again, about getting a dog to trust us, to get their confidence again, maybe, not sure, but it seems like that is what it'll be about.

There is a scene in the trailer, a dog trainer is kinda exasperated with the man, (who may have lost his way, too, maybe?) the trainer says to the man, "YOU'RE messed up! This dog is the least of your problems!! this dog has lost it's connection to his own self, lost his connections to his own instincts, and you are not helping him!!!!" (or something like that)

Anyway, i already got my tivo set. Thought i'd give a heads up if any dog movie buffs want to know about this. I bet this movie could resonate with a lot of us dog lovers.
It is on HBO, on Sept 3rd, this THURSDAY night. HOpe you have HBO, if u don't, go visit a pal who does and take over their remote. :dogtongue2:
HOpe it is a good movie!!? Get your popcorn, Let's all watch it together, lol!:msngiggle:


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Darn i don't get HBO now. I'll have to check out netflix or PPV. thanks for the head's up. and yes you can still stay up and watch. :)


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Well, Snooks, much as i loved the dog scenes, i do think Me-n-Craig + Buddy coulda made a better movie...really i do.

WAsn't quite as emotional as i had expected..didn't really expound as much as i had hope in depicting what it is really like to see a dog blossom from messed-up-to-the max------------ to happy, loving busy dog who is understood and loved...

we coulda wrote a better screenplay, really. Still, cute dog scenes in it. Loved the dog trainer character, lol!!