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Obviously a Newbie - and quite frankly - very excited about it.

A little info - I have a 10 month old Choc Lab (Kodi) and a 3 month old French Bulldog mix (Max). I took the pups in to see the vet last week. Well, I was a little overwhelmed. I know Kodi can get anxious so I had him in the corner of the room with me trying to keep him calm and cool. The vet was trying to check him and she decided to get some help from an assistant. Basically, she took me out of the equation - AND KODI WAS AWESOME. She asked me if I noticed his demeanor change - and I did. She then explained to me how my being anxious that he was going to be anxious only MADE him anxious and intensified by 10. Basically, Kodi picked up that I was anxious - he interprets "if she's anxious I should REALLY be anxious". Very politely the Vet told me I might be a great mom but not exactly the best dog :msnsad: This started my search on how DOGS worked. I read a few things that made perfect sense and I read a few things that made me cringe. I don't want to dominate my dog(s) I want my dog(s) to respect me.

That is how I ended up here.

Honestly, I feel quite dumb. I've been TAKING CARE of the dog(s) I haven't been interacting with them. I'd feed them, I'd cuddle them, I'd tell them good boy, I'd brush them, I'd take them outside to go potty and I'd take them for walks. But, I wasn't doing anything with them.

Finding this site made me realize - MY DOGS ARE BORED OFF THEIR HIND ENDS.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of you might be saying OMG what a twit. Trust me I wouldn't take any offense. The Vet really woke me up. And I am very excited to actually get involved.

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Glad that you were motivated enough to start a search! :dogsmile:

Dogs don't communicate with words like we do, but instead with their body language. All dogs from all over the world have the same body language. There is a more detailed article in the Library about the more obvious signs that they produce. But dogs will pick up on very subtle body movements and emotions from their handlers. This is why a trainer can train their dog exceptionally well for an obedience trial and completely suck at a competition, because they are nervous. They don't smell the same, their voice is different, they walk faster and different. :)

Training your dog to do tricks will give you experience handling them. It will show you what you are reinforcing and what your dog does. So have fun giving it a try, and if you need any help, let us know!


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HI! Glad you found your way here. It is a fun place and you will get lots of advise.
Don't feel dumb, just learn and excel from here. I have not always known the importance of training your dog either until I rescued Zoe, border collie mix and she challenged me in every aspect. I researched and found a great deal of information that I would have never known otherwise.
I have done agility competition with Zoe and she will shut down when I get nervous, she has ran out of the ring b/c my nerves were just too much, I knew it was going to happen when we were standing at the start line. I get too anxious and nervous and she will feed off it, doesnt like it so she removes herself from it, if I'm relaxed and excited she does GREAT, runs the course perfect. It is quite amazing how much they pick up on your feelings and emotions.
Its good that you want to improve your relationship with your pups and learn to connect with them at their level.
Good luck and ask questions when you need too. Keep us posted on your progress.


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shareyoursmile;7568 said:
I wouldn't be surprised if some of you might be saying OMG what a twit. Trust me I wouldn't take any offense. The Vet really woke me up. And I am very excited to actually get involved.
Trust me, we have all been right where you are. I did not fully realize the relationship you could have with a dog until Z came into our lives! She has really made an impression on us. We have learned so much from the academy and we have only been here for the month of March. The challenges, the dog trick of the month, and the lessons add so much to your training technique. We have had a blast teaching and shaping Z to do the Cardboard Box Freestyle and Are you Shy. In fact, the Box Freestyle has been the highlight. She will now do the routine anytime she wants attention! LOL:dogbiggrin:

Welcome to the Academy. It is a great place to meet new friends!