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Azzam Nor Akmal

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i'm quite new in living dogs. My earlier intention was to have dogs as a watch dog.

I went to a pet shop and saw there is 2 GR pups. I asked him whether can this dog become a good watch dog.
He then say 'this are the best dog for you!... bla bla bla..."

I just trust him, pay the money and bring the pups home.
Then later, i made some study on GR from net.

Poor me, from my finding on other people commentary , GR is a very poor watch dog but a very loveable & brilliant dog instead.

He's now 4months old.

I'm thinking to let him go & replaced with GSD. But I'm still giving an optimist hope that I can train him to become a watch dog. I mean at least he could bark few times if a stranger came into our house compound.

To have 2 dogs at one time, I don't think my wife is gonna allow that for now... :-(


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Hi and welcome to the forums - beautiful dog:p

I've never heard of a GR as a watchdog before - doesn't mean it can't happen - I think most dogs will bark if people come near - why do you want a watchdog anyway? Have you been robbed or anything?

I'm sure you'll enjoy your dog anyway GRs are a great breed


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Your puppy is just beautiful!! A good friend has two Goldens, and they both bark if anyone comes to her door, near her fence or around her house. I'm not so sure they would bite anyone, as they're very friendly, but they certainly alert her to anyone coming near. If that's what you're looking for, maybe your puppy will be like hers and alert you by barking.

I, on the other hand, have two GSDs. My female is an incredible watchdog, she alerts me to anyone coming close by, to the door, the fence, etc. My male, on the other hand, is more quiet. He gets very happy when people come to the door, tail wagging, can't wait to see who it is. I do feel very secure having them tho - and my bet is, if I were ever in danger, I just know they'd both "have my back" (so to speak) without question.

The best thing you can do is treat your puppy/dog with love, kindness, and respect - ALWAYS. That dog will give you his/her heart in return, will spend it's life giving you all the love it has, and will repay you with it's life, if necessaray.

Feel free to ask questions, lots of great people here to help you, we can direct you to lots of places to guide you thru your life with a dog, help you learn to understand why your puppy does certain things, help you correctly and positively train your puppy, etc. Good luck!!

Azzam Nor Akmal

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thanks jackie! this is the first optimist comment i heard.

there are some robbery incident happening at my housing area. What i need is just a dog who can bark if there is somebody enter my compound area. I dont want those robber wake me up in the middle of the night with the knife on my neck. AT least i could be alerted before they entered my house.

My GR is now 4 months. I took him when he was 2months. At this age he never bark even there are stranger (my friend) came to our house. He only bark when I gave him lamb bone (when i tried to get it back from him). That's the only time he bark.
The rest of the time, he'll wagging his tails 24-7 , sort of like wanting to entertain me.


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I have three goldens.... they give warning barks. The two males , Brody and Mahoney bark alot, mostly at loud noises or somebody at the door. They all started barking when they were a year old...except for Mahoney. He is the worst for barking


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Riley was always quiet as a pup, but the other two would bark as pups but they seemed to bark more now than when they were puppies. They are so smart, they were really good at going to the washroom outside. They pick up on things really fast. Make sure you have toys available for your pup especially at the teething stage and have daily walks. Ummm I can't think of anything else right now but if I think of anything else i'll tell ya!
They also love to swim! (as you can tell from my picture)

Azzam Nor Akmal

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yeah... that's another thing i would like to ask. I gave him drinking water in plastic container(i bought it at pet shop)
after let say about 2 hours unattended, he will definitely turn it upside down. He love to put his paws in and sort of like digging it. Huh...

So what i do, i sit there and watch... every time he put his paw... i stop him from doing it. Then now he understand... everytime i say no from far... he will stop doing it. But if he is unattended for few hours.... he'll turned it upside down.

I've chat with my friend... he said... i have to learn more & be patience in teaching dog. Also maybe he is still 4months, the tendency to break the rule/disobey is much frequent than when he has reached e.g. above 6 months..

Maybe he's right....



Hey welcome to DTA!

I have a GR too and he makes for a pretty good watchdog. Not long ago some people broke into my car and Spike started barking and chased them off before they could steal anything! Also one day when a guy tried robbing me on the street Spike stepped in and growled and snarled at the guy and he ran.

If the people are not trying to break in or rob you or something then Spike loves them and is very good with them, so it's only when they have bad intentions that he takes action.

Good luck training your GR and enjoy your time with him! Mine's 11 now and time has flown by!