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    :)Hey everybody! My name is Alesia and I've recently got a golden retriever puppy her name is Misty. She is doing really good except going on walks. She HATES a leash and wants to just sit down. HELP! I've always had Dobermans and have never had this problem.

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    Hi and welcome!
    Would love to see some puppy pics!
    Firstly you need to make the lead fun. You could encourage her by getting her used to it in the house with a really short lightweight bit of string first (short enough that she cannot get tangled in it), if she move with it on you can treat/praise her, take baby steps with it. Never pull or force her to move with it on as she will just resist you more. When she is used to moving with it you can sit and call her and when she moves to you treat/praise her. Work slowly up to her moving next to you with it on - you can use treats to encourage her along beside you. When you are sure that she is getting that it is not a bad thing move onto to when she is next to you pick it up and hold the lead and praise and treat her alot. Again baby steps with this. No pulling or pressure on the lead, just hold it and praise her. When she is comfortable with that, try a couple of steps and praise her. It sounds long winded but you need her to know there is nothing bad about the lead and that takes time. Hope this helps...
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    Welcome to DTA! I also would love to see pictures! Ripleygirl gave great advice, not much else I can add!

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