Gidday from Kel and me


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Hi all,

Following a request at obedience club today for everyone to perform a trick, and we had nothing at all to offer, I searched the net for help and here we are.

I'm 51 years young and Kella is 2 and a 1/2 female German Shepherd. We live in rural Victoria, Australia. The rest of our canine family are Jenny, an 8yo Labrador, and Jack, Ruby and Jonesy, our 3 working Kelpies.

Now for some browsing to see if I can find a trick to start working on. :dogunsure:


Jean Cote

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Hi Annie! welcome to the Academy! I'm sure that you will find many useful tricks around the Academy. ;) I recommend perhaps the crawling trick?


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easy ones to teach are spin right and left, targeting, shake paw. if you start using a clicker the complexity of things u can teach is limitless almost. I got a lot of applause for teaching my puppy to click the staples easy button with her paw. it was really easy with a clicker. aside from the neat tricks here you can go to youtube and search dog tricks, there are thousands of really neat ideas. then come back here and there is lots of good advice on how to teach those that u really like. have fun!!:dogbiggrin:

what a beautiful dog!!


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Thanks for the welcome, suggestions and kind words about Kella.

She is a very laid back dog (read lazy :dogmellow: ) so I'll have to find some tricks that play to her strengths. I don't fancy my chances with the "speaking" ones because she rarely ever barks and if she does I know there's a bigger issue at hand, like a snake in the garden, and it wouldn't be the most opportune moment to try and train her to do it.

I'll have a go at the tricks suggested soon. At the moment we're training for a demo at the local show in a few weeks, as well as an introduction to tracking and preparing for our first obedience trial.