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Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by kassidybc, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I want to get started in Canine Freestyle. With winter upon us, our herding season is over, and we can only do agility if we go to an indoor training facility that has equipment. So all of our sports we usually do have kind of slowed down. So I decided to try Canine Freestyle. Unfortunately, after some research, I have found that there are no classes near here. The closest place they hold competitions is about 2 or 3 hours from here, it's about the same distance to the nearest class. If we were actually going to be competing I would be fine driving a few hours to compete, but until then, I'm not driving that far every week for some classes. So, I've been watching a bunch of videos on YouTube, looking online, etc., for ideas. But I don't want to begin to make a routine and end up having it not fit the rules of Canine Freestyle, or something of that nature. So, does anyone have any advice for a complete newbie?

  2. Mutt Experienced Member

    I think this is a good video to start with:

    I also think this is worth checking out:

    Do keep us informed about your progress! I admire people who can come up with a original routine, as it seems harder than it looks :)
  3. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Thank you for the video and link! They are very helpful! I will be sure to keep you guys posted! On that link you gave me, it talked about canine freestyle, musical freestyle, and heel work to music. Do you know the differences between them? I know that heel work to music is made up of mostly heeling, but what's the difference between canine freestyle and musical freestyle?
  4. Mutt Experienced Member

  5. kassidybc Experienced Member

  6. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Oh and does anyone have any ideas for a starting position? The music I'm considering is Trouble by Taylor Swift. :)
  7. Mutt Experienced Member

    Have you watched the video clip? Maybe you can get some ideas. As a starting position a bow, between your legs or something with a prob are quite popular I believe.
  8. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Watching the video clip is a good idea! Thanks!!
    The thing is, I don't want to do what's popular, I want to do something that will stand out! :)
  9. Mutt Experienced Member

    I would think the same thing, but what I try to say is that a stational position from which you can quickly go to your routine is easiest.
  10. kassidybc Experienced Member

    I guess that's true. I'll have to remember that, maybe I'll do a really common starting position, but try to add a twist to it to make it stand out more.... Or I'll just be uncreative and have her start between my legs. ;) Either way!
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  11. Mutt Experienced Member

    What I always find very impressive: distant work and fluent changes from one part to another and I find it very impressive/even nicer to watch if it is with a song which tells some kind of story which the performance shows (for example, though very cliche: pirates of the carribean themesong with a 'pirate' performace).
  12. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Yes, I was beginning to think that I should do a song like Indiana Jones, or Pirates of the Caribbean, or something with a theme like that.
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  13. barnhill Experienced Member

    You might also want to look on YouTube for Disc Freestyle. Alot of the tricks we do can be translated to this with little to no problem, just dont use the Disc. LOL
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