Getting A Bang From Standing Or Even Sitting?


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Anyone know how to get a cool looking bang from a stand? I'm not talking a dog transitioning from standing to sit to down and then bang, I'm thinking the "classy" one where the dog almost drops.

Chaplin's got bang from a down but that's it.


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I think it's best to start askingthe behavior from different positions.
So first sit - down - bang and such. If the dog gets that basically means (no matter the current position) drop on your side he will skip the other parts after a while, so sit - bang etc.


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Of the bang that you'ld like is like you can see in this clip at 0.48 minutes, than here's my idea on some things.

1. Why start from a down position? The down position is an extra condition to do the bang in the dog's mind. You have learned him this chain, so smart doggy ;)

2. Like I have said a few times on this forum, it's all about muscle memory. I prefer to lure him in a bow position (don't ask him !!) and then lure his head in a twisting motion. When he turns his head you'll see that at a certain point he starts shifting his weight to the opposit side (the body follows the head theory). Mark the weight shifting and keep increasing, so eventually he falls over. THAT'S the start of the end behaviour being falling down like you want to. Start working on higher tempo and round up by teaching him to keep his head on the ground. Keep in mind that your dog has a prefered side to lie on. When he's in a down, check out if he shifts his weight in a certain direction. If so, turn the head away from that side.

3. I found that once he/she knows the behaviour it's best to ask it after a well known and selfrewarding behaviour to get a higher drive. Eventually the new behaviour "bang" also becomes self rewarding.

Hope this helps you out a bit and feel free to ask.
Language faults are possible since I'm Belgian :)


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I'd always wanted to teach Evie the "bang" shown in this tutorial (below) but I can't because if I say the word "bang" in any tone of voice she gets all worried and licky and that's the end of that. She shuts down lol.

So yeah, guess my reply isn't really relevant, but just thought that if you're teaching bang from different positions, this is by far my favourite way lol and something you may be interested in :p


I am working on "bang, yer dead!". I would love for him to just flop right down. Right now he does it, but I made the mistake of teaching Copper to do it by doing a sit, down, play dead series of commands. It took one afternoon to teach him this! I hope I can still get the desired result now. I just watched the video posted by Evie and that is great! I am going try and retrain this trick with Copper.


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I started the bang from a down position, but now Oliver will fall over from a beg or a "stick-em-up" position, or when he's standing. He just likes to get to the treat the fastest, so skips steps, like previously mentioned... his bang is quite hilarious :)