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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by failtegatefarm, Aug 31, 2010.

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    I'm in the process of teaching my Border Collie to "get me a beer." (To make my husband happy!) Thus far she has Open the Refrigerator. Close a cabinet (which we'll use later for closing the fridge) She has a high-drive playful retrieve that may or may not end with a toss of the object. (I'm slowly trying to shape a hold-it without taking the fun out of it for her.)

    Today I put a cold Dr Pepper in a thin coozie to start the Retrieve a cold drink (I'm doing this completely separate from the fridgework. I plan to put the steps together later.) Unfortunately, she became so enthusiastic that she popped a hole in the can. (oops!)

    We still kept it fun and moved on to other tricks but I'd like to get some ideas of ways to shape the Retrieve a Full Can in a Coozie (without killing it!) Any ideas?

    This dog is my ranch dog who delights in learning new things. Check out my farm blog on my website at Home to see pics of her doing farm chores. Because of her work with Closing The Gate, we were able to teach Opening the Refrigerator in 60 seconds.


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    Ha, ha, i have been working on this one, too, off and on. Buddy dislikes carrying the koozie in his mouth. So i have a special koozie that i added a tail off of a much loved toy as a 'handle' that i added onto a special koozie, for him to bite to carry the koozie.
    ...........but, it doesn't look quite as cute with a tail sewn onto the koozie, ha ha!!

    Since your dog bites too hard on the koozie, maybe if you get on of those thick, thick, super-fat cushy koozies, that might help for your dog...

    also, my fridge door shuts too fast, before he can get the koozie, too cute, he pulls door open with rope attached, but, by the time he runs around to other side of fridge door, to get the koozie, the door shuts too fast.

    so i am working on a way for that door to stay open, trying to find a way to attach something in the door for this trick, that will fall down into door jam to keep it open enough he can poke it open with his nose.

    but, then Buddy can not close door again, though....technical problems, ha ha.

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