G'day From Oz.


Hi. I'm the proud mummy of 4.5yr old twin girls, who are the proud owners of 2 Australian terrier cross puppies. I'm delighted to find this site for extra tips on training these energetic little balls of fluff. Hopefully oneday they'll be entering into some of the great challenges! I look forward to learning lots and hearing happy stories from everyone!


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Welcome to the DTA! Sounds as if you're in for alot of pulled hair! :coffee: LOL I'm a twin and my sister and I terrorized my Mother at that age! :whistle: and we didn't even have puppies to help us 'till we were 7! :sneaky: We just dressed the cats up in doll clothes :D

Australian Terriers are ADORABLE!!! I'm sure you all will have a ton of fun with them! I'm a terrier lover myself, as is my sister... between us we have 7 dogs, 4 of which are terriers or mixes of some sort, and really, Dachshunds are terriers by working ability, even if they're classed as hounds! At least they act that way :LOL: