Gabby's first agility trial - Gambler's Novice

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by xena98, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. xena98 Experienced Member

    Here is young Gabby in her first gambler novice. She came first she just needs another 2 passes to get her title
    Danni and the girls


  2. snooks Experienced Member

    Very nice distance work and great contacts. Most of the dogs with contact problems I see are bc's because they are so fast and efficient. Gabby is hitting them nicely and quickly. I've never seen the reverse walk and reverse aframe in a competition. This looks like a difficult course and a wonderful job. Certainly a very enthusiastic focused dog. Bravo and congratulations on some great training. :dogbiggrin:
  3. xena98 Experienced Member

    I have always had problems with contacts as the dogs were never taught. Xena was taught like 9 years ago so things have changed. Every dog I get I start to experiment. My border collie I taught to touch a golf ball on the stick. Her contacts are not bad till she picks up speed I think I got rid of the ball too soon. but I still have to be there. I wanted fast independant contacts and I hopefully have it with Gabby. I taught her 4 on the floor with Ann Croft.

    All of my girls do distance work.
    You can do that in gamblers class all other classes you cant do.
    Also in gamblers and snooker classes you make up your own courses.

    That was why I did 2 dog walks and 2 a frames as they are worth 3 points and weavers are 4 points tunnels and tyres spreads are worth 2 points and bars are worth 1 point. You try and accumulate as many points in 45 sec the hooter sounds and than you do the gamble in 15 sec. It gets harder as you go (novice is 20 point min, excellent 25 and master 30) the gamble gets harder and the time gets less. 15 sec novice 18 excellent and 15 sec in master.
    So you want to be near the gamble when the hooter goes off. the gamble was after the second lots of weaver where you had jump tunnel broad jump and jump
    Glad you enjoyed
    Danni and the girls
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lovely. ^^ I've been interested in the German Koolie over the last few years since learning more about the breed, but don't think there are any here. Very neat dogs. :) And Gabby's a beauty. :dogsmile: Nice run!
  5. dat123 Experienced Member

    Very nice run Xena , I love your distance work. I guess you don't get a choice with a dog that quick.

    A great result, with many more to come soon, if that video is anything to go by.

    Did you enter jumpers and agility ?

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

    Tip for cameraperson filming agility : Use the zoom button ! Although you miss some obstactles in the foreground, the dog is more visible for most of the course.
    I have so many videos of my dogs doing agility, and they are just a black & white speck on the screen in the distance.
  6. xena98 Experienced Member

    Hi Dat123
    If you ever seen any National Agility ie last year Victoria, Western Australia, Canberra, Sydney I have been in there. Most properly the only one with Red hair and a noisy coolie, Xena and a border collie Inka.
    There is quite a few people that I know that is from Queensland who enters the Nationals. So if you can get your hands onto one I am also in the team event as well with one or both of them LOL
    I do lots of directionals and distance work with all of my girls. Xena and Inka are both obedience and agility champions.

    Are you guys watching Crufts live tv they have everything on there just been watching the pairs with minis and maxis they have obedience flyball dancing with dogs etc
    Danni and the girls
  7. stormi Well-Known Member

    Great run xena, congrats to you and Gabby. Thanks for explaining gamblers rules too...I am not aware of a competion like that in the UK (but I dont compete in agility, so maybe something I didnt hear about). Am just catching up with the Crufts vids. There are some nice ones of the obedience and agility champs on YouTube too.

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