Fun at Petsmart! Cute new pics.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tx_cowgirl, May 24, 2009.

  1. bellapup Well-Known Member

    Love the pictures! Such a cutie pie. There's something almost proud about being on top of dog food.. *LOL*

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol yes indeed. ^^ My favorite is the wave picture. Can't wait till Z has gotten this far. The other day we started learning how to jump on the register(came in for some private help from trainer and ended up getting creative, lol). He's got the idea but not the bravery, lol. Mud could help him out there so we'll have to go back. He can jump insanely high so I know he's capable of it.
  3. fickla Experienced Member

    oh so cute! I like to set up little "agility" courses in Petsmart with the things in the isles. I just send the dogs "out" around the stands and dog foods, etc, or even "through" the sign holders they have :)
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Lucky you, you can bring a dog into a shop!! :) We can't do such things in Hungary... :(

    Very cute pictures! :)
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol Fickla my trainer's Shiba jumps through the sign holders too. ^^ He'll jump on literally anything she tells him to. He can jump very high. Mudflap's not much of a jumper so we're a little limited. She's just not physically capable of jumping as high as some others, but she still loves it.

    Szecsuani, that stinks. >< It's a shame you can't take Pami anywhere!!
  6. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Yeah, I hate it too, but Hungarians actually hate dogs (those who don't have one), and well, the people here are not too good at training dogs, and it's a long story, but it's really a bad thing that I can't take her anywhere with me... ><

    Meanwhile, in Austria, witch is right next to Hungary, if you go in a restaurant with a dog, they will get a blanket and water for the dog, before they get anything for you... :S Stupid people. :D
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol the human race is so terribly confused. :S
  8. charmedwolf Moderator

    I think my petsmart would have a fit if our dogs jumped on the dog food... then again most people there don't like dogs.:dogblink:

    P.S Note to self: Move to Austria
  9. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    LOL I've found many Petsmarts that way. Fortunately our newest Petsmart has very friendly, animal-loving employees. They really don't care what I do with Mudflap, so long as nothing gets damaged. Course she is rather small in comparison to your giants, lol! And she's a regular and everyone loves her. ^^ Z's starting to make many friends there as well.

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