Frisbee Drama


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Okay, Buddy has zero interest in frisbees, or fetch for that matter. Buddy will retrieve a toy TWO(2) times, and if you throw it a 3rd time, he looks at you as if he is annoyed and sits down.
"I'm NOT a retriever already!! And if you don't really want that toy, i'll quit bringing it back, Mom!!" ha ha So of course, we always throw it a 3rd time, just to see THAT face, hilarious.
that is not my problem, . Here is the problem.

Whenever Buddy is with other dogs, dogs that he actually LIKES, if someone throws a frisbee, and the other dog or dogs chase the frisbee, my dog goes nuts,
and tries to herd the other dog or dogs, and barks and tries to prevent them from getting the frisbee. Gets all grouchy, barking and seems aggressive towards his friend-dogs if they go for the frisbee, that Buddy doesn't even want anyway.

Buddy does not want the frisbee. He never picks it up, even if he manages to prevent other dogs from getting to it......he leaves it there on the ground.

and he seems to dislike or be bored about frisbees in his own yard all by himself. If we throw one, he almost rolls his eyes, no interest. He only chases balls or squeak toys, never frisbees.

but, if another dog is chasing a frisbee, Buddy turns into total brat.
He doesn't mind dogs running, <----well, that only took 2 years, and that statement only applies to dogs he likes, offer not valid with unknown dogs...O_o
nope, Buddy and his pals all can run around together, he is okay wth that now, yay!!! He runs around with the other dogs, too, big fun.
everyone is happy.

but, introduce a frisbee into the happy dogs running together scene---> and Buddy loses it.



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Unfortunately, most of that "Frisbee Drama"
is second hand reporting,
as this happens more often when Buddy is out with his 'Dad' and Dad's pals...and i'm not there to observe what all is going on.


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If you want to teach him to get the frisbee, try leashing him while other dogs are playing frisbee. Other dogs get to have SO MUCH FUN with the frisbee, but he doesn't. Then try(with JUST HIM), tossing the frisbee for him. The typical reaction is


Party for getting the frisbee.

If you're ONLY wanting to fix the herding behavior, what if you had a squeaky ball? BEFORE he gets completely crazy, run away squeaking the ball so he's enticed to chase you. Meanwhile someone else throws frisbee for dogs--in completely opposite direction, so he's less likely to see it and it's not just off to the side of him.

And/or, if it's JUST AGGRESSION, and not mindless robot herding(there IS a difference), then remove him. Just like when he tried to growl at dogs coming close to you in your home, aggression towards the other dogs means he gets taken away from the fun. No fun for Buddy if he's going to be a grouch.

Aggressive chasing:

Can appear to be herding. Doesn't want other dogs to get toy, reacts aggressively. Chases, barks, growls, snaps, etc.

Mindless Robot Herding:

Aggression appears to be more like stock-type aggression--nipping heels or hindquarters, maybe even necks, trying to STEER the group or dog, head is typically low(with BCs), eyes are very concentrated, completely in WORK MODE. Aggression is only intended to move group or dog in a direction, so aggression has more of a purpose and is concentrated to certain areas. Very obviously not trying to fight with dog(s), but trying to move them.

If it's just aggression, you can also try having him further away while other dogs get to play with frisbee. Or maybe even just one dog. Reward for calm behavior, either with getting to play with his friend(FRISBEE DISAPPEARS) or by getting to play with his squeaky ball. Or a frisbee of his own, if he'll play with it. Gradually increase distance.