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  1. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    Age: 4
    - Sex: female
    - Favorite Food: EVERYTHING !! As long as she can eat it !!
    - List of Tricks: roll, weave between leg, hi five, spin, flip and more to come ;)
    - Videos not yet
    - Photos :
    - Toys: ball, ball, ball and oh yeah ...ball !
    - Habits: steal my underwear
    - Problems : obsessed with balls / Will try anything to get food !!
    - Strengths : people oriented , just love every one, same as above-mentioned (will try everything just to get food) !!
    - Temperament: playful and very energetic ,
    - And anything else you'd like us to know! Don't leave the roast beef unsupervised

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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Frida is beautiful and she sounds a great character, thank you for telling us some more about her. It is one of the great things about labradors that they are very people oriented, but their attitude to food is sometimes a mixed blessing!
    What is the trick you call"flip"?
    LOL for not leaving the roast beef unsupervised.
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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    She sounds like a lovely dog.
    LOL my Piper's the same. You won't find food left on our counters.
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  4. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone

    I do not know if the link is gooing to work ???

    While I am walking with my dog in a straight line, I let my dog get a bit ahead of me and switch my position from one side of the dog to the other in order to change direction , I do not know if it's clear enough ??

    I mostly use it for agility when preforming a rear cross. I send my dog in front of me and ask her to change direction by using the word flip. I choose the word" flip" , some handlers use the word "switch" " turn away" or "change"
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  5. running_dog Honored Member

    Sorry for not replying before, I've been mega busy with a work deadline.

    The link worked and the idea makes sense... I just can't understand why that trainer in the video hadn't taught the dog a clockwise spin, or just to follow a lure clockwise before trying to teach this. It's a common-sense part of balancing your dog and would have let the dog concentrate on learning the actual position change, instead the poor mutt had to endure a lot of totally unnecessary failure. LOL! Okay, my rant is over!

    I use swap and switch for having Zac cross in front and come into heel. I might use that as the basis to try teaching "flip" though. I've just started explaining to Zac what a target stick is (well... really we just use Gus's ball thrower when it is off duty) so this would be a great first target stick trained trick. Eventually I want to get him to side step while facing away from me (we're experimenting to see how many variations of sidestep we can find) but that would be a bit hard to start with and I think flip would be a great building block.

    Do you have different cues for left back crosses and right back crosses?
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  6. running_dog Honored Member

    Target stick training "flip" seems like it will work but we only got a few attempts before Zac told me there was a deer nearby so we cut the session short.
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  7. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    LOL !! :LOL:

    Side step is a very cool trick!
    I wish I could help you with the side step but unfortunately, I do not know what the best method is. I also think the flip would be a very god way to start. I took some rallyo lessons a few years ago and the teacher would train his dog with a leash under the belly's dog ( in order to control the hind legs) and lure his dog with a treat while stepping sideway ?? , Frida totally did not understand what she was supposed to do! Very confused dog and handler :LOL: I loved rally-o but I didn't feel comfortable with the teacher's method. The target stick is a much better way to work on side way. You just need a building block to start !! Please keep me up to date of any development and please Mr. deer to not interrupt Zac's training session !! :p

    I did not teach her the word right and left but would be a nice trick to work on eventually
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  8. running_dog Honored Member

    I don't much like that way of teaching sidestep, I don't even like teaching "take a bow" with a hand under the dog's belly - I found a different way. I read once about someone who taught previously unbroken horses to respond to their normal riding signals without ever using reins during the training and found the horses learnt faster than if they were taught the signals while being controlled with reins. They thought that the reins must actually be distracting the horses from learning. I think it is the same with dogs and when we physically manipulate them into a position we actually distract them from learning. I think that was probably what was happening with Frida when you were using that trainers method.

    Zac knows the basics of sidestep already, it is getting him to sidestep when he is standing with his back to me that is the next stage - after teaching "flip" and if the deer permit!

    You and Frida might like my method of teaching sidestep. I simply taught Zac to lean against my leg (and gave him lots of praise and fuss in that position) then took a tiny sidestep away from him. He followed sideways to continue leaning because that was a very rewarding position for him. Over time I increased the size of my step, introduced the cues and faded his leaning. We use "sidestep" if he is stepping to his right and "crab" if he is stepping to his left (I have hand signals/body cues too).

    After that to get him to sidestep/crab while facing me I taught him to stand straight in front of me on cue ("front") then did a little side step and cued "front" and "sidestep/crab", at first he was twisting around all over the place to get back into front position but he fairly quickly started to get the idea and I could stop using "front".

    How good the dog is at moving the hind legs depends on then knowing that they have hind legs! So anything that teaches hind leg awareness helps. You can shape a neat sidestep by ignoring when the dog is skewed and marking and rewarding when it's position is closer to how you want. If you are good at luring you can also control the back leg position very precisely with the lure.

    I'll try and get some video of Zac doing sidestep and training flip but I'll post on a new thread so I stop hijacking yours!
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  9. dog nerd Well-Known Member


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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Frida is gorgeous! Sounds a bit like my two. Anything for food, don't leave any food unsupervised! Blossom is obsessed with balls too, Leaf only when she thinks Blossom is getting too much attention! Her normal attitude is "You threw it you fetch it yourself".
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  11. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    thank you :)
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  12. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    We attempted our second agility trial today

    fantastic runs !! Very proud of my girl

    got our first Q and and a 1 place ! Ye !! In the novice standard division

    good dog Frida :LOL:

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  13. Caiti Experienced Member

    Congratulations on the agility trial! Frida is very beautiful :)
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  14. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Nice job Frida!!! That's awesome!!
  15. running_dog Honored Member

    Well done both of you!
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