For those who have one dog … would you consider getting a second one?

Jean Cote

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This is just a poll for those who have one dog. Please do not vote if you have two or more dogs. Thank you. :)

If you'd like, you can reply to this thread and share with us your reasons as to why you would want a second dog. What kind of dog would you get, an adopted dog, or a puppy?

You can also share your thoughts as to why you wouldn't want a second dog. :)



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Yes i'd get another dog if we had a bigger house and garden and if/when i can work part time. We would get another rescue puppy but probably a smaller breed than Harry. I'd have loads more dogs if i could give up my job and have a field as my back garden. One day maybe....

Jean Cote

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I can't vote because I already got two dogs, but there were a few reasons why I got my second dog Chase. First is I wanted a friend, a companion for my husky. Second was the thrill of a new training partner. And third because I wanted a Border Collie, retrieving and training rocks with her. :D


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More dogs would be nice, but Link's DA, so it's not possible right now. Even if it were, I wouldn't get another one. I have plenty of space, but not much time or money. I'd feel guilty getting another dog and not spending enough time with either of them. Plus, I only have enough emergency funds to cover one dog right now. I couldn't handle two dogs getting sick or injured at the same time.
One day, probably after I've settled in and started something like a family, I'll probably have more than one dog, as long as I have the resources. Never more than two, though, because I would like to foster in the future, and can't really see myself caring for more than three dogs at a time.

I used to have two dogs and they had so much fun together! There was a significant size difference (120 pounds vs. 12), so they didn't cuddle or play rough, but they got along well. The end of their partnership was rough, though. The little one howled for about three days straight after the big one died. It was nice for us to grieve together, though. :dogsad:


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I've got my second dog... I wanted a new training partner, I finally had enough room, and I had always wanted a bitch from particular lines and the opportunity came up! So Clover is a very exciting addition.


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I voted no, at least not in the foreseeable future.

I have my hands full already! My dog is pretty high maintenance - needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, highly prey driven so needs a lot of obedience training to develop self control, and also has reactivity and stranger-aggression issues which means I have to give him my 100% attention when we are out and he needs constant meticulously planned socialization outings. I've had to spend far more effort and be far more organized and purposeful with him, than with other dogs in the past. I'm sure many people manage dogs like him with a multi dog household, but since my husband and I both work full time (and often overtime) and have other activities too, I'm afraid that if we had another dog that it would increase the risk of some public-relations mishap occurring with our present dog because I'm no longer giving him my 100% attention and what with his reactivity and high drive and his size and breed prejudices.....I like to multitask, but one area I will not attempt to multitask is when managing a big, powerful, reactive dog in public!

Short term fostering, we could do that. but as of now I don't want a multidog household for the long term.

that said, I do like to give him many regular opportunities to interact freely with other dogs. We go to dog parks several times a week so he's very well socialized with a large variety of dogs.


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I really liked only having one dog and doing everything one-on-one, never needing to either split my attention or leave a second dog behind.

I do enjoy having two dogs (though Harmony will probably have a new home in about 18 months), but I don't think I'll ever take a third long-term (more than a month or so).

I think my dogs enjoy having each other around, but since they get to see many other dogs regularly (I run a doggie day care), they'd be just as happy to have me to themselves :)

Over the course of my life I plan to generally only have one dog, but introduce a younger one once the first gets to be 8+ or otherwise is wanting to slow down - the new dog could become my 'active' partner, while the older one can come along to cheer for us :)


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In the future I might get another dog, but for right now Max is the only one. I don't have the time, money, or space for another dog. I do like being about to focus on Max with every thing we do but I think as he gets older I might.


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I would love to have more dogs, if I had more room. My one dog keeps me and my wife pretty busy right now with training, but we love all animals and if we had a larger yard and more time we would fill our home with little critters:)


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As active as Paisley is I can't even fathom what it would be like to own another dog. Don't get me wrong I can't imagine life without him. But if he's not getting into trouble I assure you he's thinking about it. He recently taught himself to open our screen door and let himself outside. Luckily everytime I bring him in after a walk I tell him "in the house" So even as he was bolting for the street he came back on command. And I learned I now have to lock the screen door. There is now way I could handle two dogs conspiring against me. Well atleast not in the immediate future.


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I voted yes, becouse I'm planning to get a second dog when I reach 18, and finish school, before I go to university. (I have 3 years until that! :D)
It would be a male puppy. I don't want to adopt another dog, becouse I'm afraid that if I had so huge luck with Pami, I would get a sick or crazy dog next time.
And I really want to have a briard or a bearded collie.
But I'm not sure if Pami would accept a second dog. She really enjoys that she is an only dog (at her previous owner, she lived with at least 10 dogs...).
But I have enough time to decide. :)


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I really want another dog. It's not the right time yet, but in a couple of years I'm definitely getting another dog. I think Xsara will enjoy having company, as soon as I'm ready she's getting a sister.


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first my sister chloe got a dog charlie then we got rosie and charlie was so happy after that. i think they need a friend when you are not at home and are out


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I would love to have another dog someday. But first I need to move to a bigger place (which I am in the proccess of doing) and need more time (which I don't have yet). I'm not quite sure yet on what I think of having 3 dogs though. It sounds like fun, but 3 is also tons more work then just having 1 or 2! But I love dogs and love training them!


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We just got our second dog 8 days ago. Tucker was VERY upset, but after a day or two he accepted her. I will say it is quite nice to come home and have the dog greet you then go back to their playing, as apposed to Tucker wanting to play constantly until I go to bed. Not that he does not want to play with their mom and dad anymore.

I really think we did it right tho Tucker is now 9 months old and just graduated "intermediate" on Saturday. So he is mostly obedience trained, and has been helping to teach Lucy. Tucker also seams more confident around other small dogs already.
I think it will be easier to train Lucy with having Tuckers' training fresh on our minds and having him help show her what to do.

Tucker is still really envious when we hold or pet Lucy, but I think he is already more happy and more better socialized.

I will also say they are a riot to watch play. She kicks his butt a lot.

Lastly we can breed them.


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Second Dog

I would vote yes. I made the decision recently to get a dog because Storm has been extremely lonely and unhappy since I left my parents house where she had the constant companionship of a German Shepherd and a Yorkshire Terrier. She has adjusted really well to Jackal, because she is used to being part of a multi dog household. Storm seems so much happier and livelier in just the few weeks since we got the puppy. She loves playing with him.


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I didn't see your post about not answering if you already had 2 or more dogs.. But we have two and I would consider getting another. I would possibly adopt a pup between 6-18 months, or I would buy from a breeder. I don't have enough free time to buy another one right now though, I'm trying to wrap up college! =)


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I would love to get another one when Nano is 3 or 4yrs old. He'll be past his puppy days and my youngest daughter will be a bit more independent by then too. :msngrin:

I love Great Danes (Nano is the 3rd I've had) but I'd also love to have a Standard Poodle or a Border Collie. lol my trouble is my husband, he only wants Great Danes! :msngrin: