Flynn & Jasper


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Hi Everyone

I've just joined the forum.

I have two border collies. The eldest is almost 2 and is named Flynn. This week we adopted a puppy, Jasper, who is now almost 9 weeks old.

Flynn already knows sit, down, stay, scoot (walking backwards), jump over my leg, jump through a hoop, circle around to sit at my left side, speak, turn in a circle, roll over, stand, stand between my legs and crawl on his belly. I'm sure I'm missing something but that's what he does. He would learn more but I got lazy.

Jasper came to us earlier in the week and has learned sit. He is now learning look at me and come. I'm also reinforcing these with Flynn as he seems to have regressed a bit now that he has a puppy to distract him.

I'm planning on starting to train Flynn in some new moves and teach Jasper all the things Flynn already knows (except the undesirable behaviour of chasing birds in the sky) and thought this forum would be a good place to pick up ideas for new tricks.


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Welcome. You have a lot of BC company here. I have two Goldens now, in the past I had a BC/GSD cross that I still miss dearly. This is a great place to pick things up for two whip smart dogs. We would love to see pictures too when u get a chance. :dogtongue2:


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Yes indeed, tons of fellow BC owners/lovers here, including myself. ^^ You guys would really like the challenges, check them out! :) Welcome!


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Thanks for the welcoming messages :)

Jean;16642 said:
Oooh a 9 week old puppy, that's the best of times. :dogsmile: I hope that you are taking LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of pictures? :) They don't stay puppies for very long... HeHeHe
Always take lots of pictures lol. I take more photos of my dogs than I do of the people in my life... probably love my dogs more too lol :msnblushing: