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  1. Caiti Experienced Member

    It's summer and I was looking for a way to keep Wylie cool. For some reason I can't explain he doesn't care at all for regular ice cubes. I came up this this idea, tried it and we both love it! It's fast, simple and easy to clean up and he loves the taste. I use this recipe now whenever I have dogs visiting for the day and often give dogs them on training breaks. Wylie loves them so much he runs over if he hears the freezer open. :)

    - Baby food: I use organic, carrot flavored. Flavor doesn't matter, just pick something your dog loves and as long as it isn't toxic to dogs, you should be fine.
    - Water
    - (Optional) Very small slices of fruits or vegetables.

    That's it! It's easy and cheap. Aside from the food ingredients all you need is an ice cube tray. I sometimes use a special ice pop maker that I have (it has a pre-frozen liquid inside so the ice pops only take about 10 minutes to fully freeze) so the flavored ice cubes are ready when we need them. Ice cube trays work fine though. :D

    - Mix some baby food with water. Quantities don't matter, you just want to dilute the baby food. For a stronger flavor add less water. I prefer to add a lot of water so the baby food is very diluted and I use less per ice cube.
    - Add the optional fruit or vegetable slices. Some dogs love to lick away at the ice to find a yummy treat inside. I use tiny carrot, apple and blueberry slices which dogs absolutely love! ;)
    - Mix everything around and pour the mixture into the ice cube tray. Put in the freezer and well, wait.
    - When the ice cubes are frozen, you can feed them to your dog. Pop one out, put it in a bowl and serve. It's best to serve these outside because some dogs will pick them up and carry them all over the house. :p I put some cold water in the bowl with the ice cubes so when they melt the dogs have some yummy, cold water to drink.

    Carefully and slowly introduce these to your dog. Start with just one a day for awhile, then if your dog shows no problems feed more. I wouldn't recommend more that two a day, as these aren't the most healthy things in the world.

    Enjoy! I hope this helps your dog stay cool this summer!(y)

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

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  3. Caiti Experienced Member

    I'm glad you like it! Of course you can link this thread!
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    DONE! i will try a batch of these!
    my dog loves loves LOVES ice,
    but, this sounds special!
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  5. Caiti Experienced Member

    Oh, I forgot to mention, if by any chance your dog doesn't like the baby food, you don't have to add it. Instead you can add some extra fruit and vegetable slices so your dog still has some flavor to enjoy. As I mentioned before carrots, apples and blueberries make wonderful fillings. :D
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  6. Anneke Honored Member

    Only for dogs that like healthfood:D Mine would NOT like this... They don't eat fruit, unless it is in yoghurt or has whipcream on it. Veggies are ok, as long as they don't taste like veggies, so not just carrots, but with a bit of gravy....
    Uhm they are not spoiled:rolleyes:
    They might go for the babyfood.

    I tried a recipe I found somewhere, the other day. Yoghurt peanutbutter ice cubes.
    Though they like both, they do not like it together:D One was ok, but two??? So now I'm stuck with a batch of peanutbutter/yoghurt cubes...
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  7. Caiti Experienced Member

    You could add gravy, yogurt or peanut butter. I'm sure that might tempt them. All the dogs I've ever met would do anything for vegetables or fruit. :p
  8. Dogster Honored Member

    WOW, WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!!:) I want to try these!!!!! :D
  9. madeleine Experienced Member

    Great idee... Will try it out someday soon. Atleast when the weather takes a better turn.
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  10. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

  11. Emily Marston Well-Known Member

    I love making dog ice cubes!! And the dogs love them too :)

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