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Alright let's get a conversation going because DTA is really going downhill... It's like a ghost Forum.
Everyone right about something funny, interesting or whatever that your dog did in the past. Maybe you miss it or your glad that your dog no longer does so. I'll Start.

When Piper was a puppy she loved playing with Missy's leash. On walks Piper would grab Missy's leash and I would let go. Piper would walk Missy and I walked Piper. I can't say Missy approved to much of this when Piper started directing which direction she was allowed to walk.

Me and my two best friends, Lily and Rachel were having a sleepover at my house. I was 12 at the time and we had just found Missy. Well the three of us were in my living room sleeping on the floor with sleeping bags. Missy was shut in my bathroom crying. My mom got tired of it and let her out, without us knowing. So here is me and my friends laying on the floor when a little black dog comes flying over the couch. We all duck into our sleeping bags for protection. The black furry beast grabs my friends sleeping bag trying to pull it off. I'm peeking out of mine laughing. The three of us run for the couch covering up with a blanket. Well the furry beast wasn't sattisfied with having the sleeping bags... She wanted the blanket too. After she stole our protective blanket. Finally the handler gets control of the beast after finishing her fits of laughter.

My Friends never forgot about it and we often find ourselves laughing about that night. Missy was a very energetic puppy who got into a lot of mischif.

Your Turn.


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Well, I'm discovering more and more of Mo's silly quirks the longer I have him lol. He always sleeps with his tongue out, he is obsessed with hair spray (whenever he sees anyone with a can of hair spray, he starts jumping and crying and trying to bite it), and he always wants to take showers with me lol. ;) And Chloe is so obsessed with tricks that whenever I try to do obedience with her she just does a trick instead of the obedience command I tell her. :p It makes competing in obedience rather challenging (though also very comical :D). When I tell her to sit, she sits pretty. When I tell her to lie down, she lies down and crosses her paws. When I tell her to heel, she starts heeling but limps while she heels. At least she's a laugh at class. ;)


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I think the funniest single event that has ever happened with Zac was a few years ago when he was chasing a vole. There were lots of grass tussocks quite close together and he was chasing this tiny creature from one to another.

You need a picture in your mind of a tall skinny dog and a very short little vole. Zac is darting and pouncing from tussock to tussock and the vole is scuttling just ahead of him. Then without any warning the vole stops dead and spins round. Zac dives forwards and in the instant before death the vole draws itself up to all of it's 4 inches and SQUEAKS furiously at him, Zac recoils (like one of those cartoons where the dog stops with skid marks and his paws sliding forwards while his head jerks back) and before he can recover his poise the vole finishes scolding him, dives into the grass tussock and disappears.

It was like a scene straight from a Disney movie where the little guy wins.