ew gross..ticks


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:dogohmy:ok, I've had pets pretty much my entire life but I've never been the primary owner until now. So imagine my...disgust as I'm petting my pretty Luci and I find a lump like thing...which I later found out is a tick! so my husband and I try to pull it out but I think the head is still in there. She'll need to go to the vet tomorrow to get checked out. I'm a little more worried about Jasper my bernese, I can see through to the skin on the bostons but the bernese has A LOT OF FUR!! yuck, yuck, yuck, I hate bugs. She seems very sad today but I'm not sure if it's because of the tick or because we shaved her a little to see it and now she looks silly with a shaved spot on her side...she's very sensitive about things like that, lol. Anyone had experience with ticks, what should I expect?


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Lol, she won't be sad because of the one tick unless she's not feeling well because of something else.

Don't panic, but do be aware that ticks carry lyme disease so discuss a good flea/tick prevention with your vet asap! Living in the country here, we are constantly fighting ticks. We seem to have just about curbed them finally, but it doesn't help that my neighbors use no preventatives and let their dogs roam the neighborhood.

Don't worry. It's just one tick. The spot may appear a little red around it, which is not all that abnormal. Discuss safe removal of ticks with your vet so you feel more comfortable doing it if you happen to run across another one. Just in case, I would give all of them a good flea and tick bath as well as staying regular on monthly preventatives. Ticks aren't really a huge deal as long as they don't get out of hand. If you haven't had a problem with them before chances are you won't have a huge problem with them. Just keep an eye on the pups and stay regular on preventatives, just in case. Proper disposal of the tick: NO don't toss him outside! Squish him, flush him, burn him, any of those things but just make sure he's dead. That way the little stinker doesn't get to go find his tick girlfriend and make a bunch of tick babies.

Don't panic. :dogsmile: It's alright.


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thanks, ticks don't normally survive all the way up here in Canada but they are becoming more and more resiliant to the cold my vet says. She'll go for a blood test in a month just to make sure she didn't get anything from it. She still seems sad but she's such a meloncoly puppy all the time I think she just wants attention, lol. I would too with an identical twin and a brother who is like 20 times my size, lol.