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  1. Evie Experienced Member


    Evie is my beloved Border Collie. She is currently 16 weeks old and too smart for her own good. She's my first border collie and I'm so happy with her - she's a delight to have around.

    So far, we can sit, drop, rollover, give both paws, sit-up(beg?), stay, ta, come when called, crawl, go on her matt on command and we've been working on spin and bow but we hit a serious brick wall with bow :( Oh and i forgot about my favourite, she does what I call "heel" (pretty sure the correct term for it is 'finish') where the dog will come to you, go around behind your legs and sit at your left heel. Its very cute.

    Oh and then there's the everyday things she knows like to only eat her food once given permission, to not get off of her seat in the car until given permission, to wait for permission to walk outside/inside etc. I also have a nice collection of soft teddies on the floor of the living room which she has kindly left in one piece - she knows her toys are for playing with and mine are not to be touched.

    All of her training has been done with positive reinforcement only and we're proud to say that she has had any indoor puppy 'accidents' for a few weeks now so she's somewhat toilet trained too.

    <3 my Evie

    (I apologise for all the pictures but I love my puppy)

    Monkey see, monkey do.





  2. Dogster Honored Member

    WELCOME!!!! WELCOME!!!! Let me tell you, this website is dog damn AWESOME!!!! GREAT website for finding new tricks to teach Evie, and to really learn about these AMAZING creatures!!!:)

    I can`t believe that Evie knows SOOO MANY tricks at only 16 weeks!!!! That`s SOO GREAT!!!! You must care A LOT about Evie.... she must be GLAD to have you as her owner!!!!:LOL:

    Evie looks ADORABLE!!! LOVE her, LOVE Her, LOVE HER!!!!! :love: The pictures are AWESOME!!!! (by the way).:ROFLMAO: Are you a professional???
  3. Evie Experienced Member

    Thank you!

    Lol! A professional? I wish :p

    This is the first time I've had my own dog to train, but I ride horses to and am used to training young horses through the same methods. Reward good behaviour - ignore bad. I grew up with two small family dogs, but the most they every learnt was sit, drop and stay. So Evie's been a lot of fun and a real learning curve for me :)

    However, in a couple of weeks time we are going to be attending group training lessons which should be a great experience for us both :)
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  4. Dogster Honored Member

    Teaching a dog tricks and agility is GREAT for the owner and the dog. Here at DTA, 99.9999999 percent of us believe in the same method of training as you do-reward good behaviour and ignore bad. YAY for positive reinforcement!!!! Good luck with the group lessons!!! I hope they go well!!!!!:LOL:
  5. Evie Experienced Member


    These lessons even include a bit of agility training in them so it should be heaps of fun. If Evie and I are good enough in the future I'd love to do some proper agility classes with her. Maybe it could use some of that excess energy which she seems to have so much of lol
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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    I can TOTALLY see her as a GREAT agility and trick dog!!!!!:D
  7. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Welcome! She is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry more than half the pictures on my computer are pictures of my dogs. Smart puppy :)
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  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    Beautiful Border collie! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Dog Trick Academy! As smart as Evie looks, you'll both be teaching us some fancy tricks very soon! ;)
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  9. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Welcome to the Academy! There are many, many, many Border Collie owners and lovers here. :) Your pup is adorable. ^^
    You should be able to find tons of trick ideas here. If you have any questions for more ideas, or help training any tricks in particular, feel free to post about it. We have many helpful members here. (y)
    Enjoy the site!
  10. Evie Experienced Member

    Thanks everyone! :p
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Wow, you are doing GREAT!!! That is an amazing trick list for 16 weeks old! WOW!
    Such a cute dog, i'm in love!
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  12. Kim Abston Well-Known Member

    Wow! I'm impressed--what a smart AND beautiful dog!
  13. Evie Experienced Member

  14. tigerlily46514 Honored Member


    sorta looks like she is not quite ready to get up yet!!:p
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  15. Evie Experienced Member

    Lol yeah, such a cutie. I can almost hear her saying 'please mum, just another 10 minutes...."
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  16. Dogster Honored Member

    AWWWWwwwww!!!!!!:love: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!:ROFLMAO:
  17. Kim Abston Well-Known Member

    Oh my, every time I look at your pics... I adore your baby more and more! Congratulations on having such a beautiful dog.

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  18. Evie Experienced Member

    Sigh. Evie was that insistant on trying to bite the vet and vet nurse today when she went for her last immunisation that we had to muzzle her. She just can't understand why she should let complete strangers touch her. She doesnt mind them being near her, so long as they dont touch her, which tends to be a bit of a problem when at a vet..... She was that upset by the while thing that her tail had gone right up between her backlegs and was sitting flat against her belly :(

    Oh and the vet and vet nurse both were friendly and tried encouraging her by feeding her treats first, which she accepted, it was just when they went to touch her that things went poorly. The vet also thinks that because she's such a clever little cookie, that her behaviour at the vet will get worse and worse as she'll start to anticipate what's going on. They're also encouraging me to bring her in when ever i like just for treats too which is good.

    Silly puppy.

    And while I'm here, some pics from last weekend.


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  19. Evie Experienced Member

    Hrm, on second thoughts lol, probably should have put that post in the behavioural section. oopsy
  20. Dogster Honored Member

    OMG, I LOVE the pics!!!! Where did you go??? Looks like a FANTASTIC place!!!!:love::ROFLMAO:

    Sorry, I don't know what to do about the biting, don't know much about it.:(

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