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  1. Evie Experienced Member

    Evie B, commonly known as Evil B. If there is water, she'll be in it regardless of the weather..

    **edited 25/07/2013 - Evie's trick list video**

    Nicknames: Evil B, Evil, Bee

    DOB: 4th November 2011

    Sex: Female (spayed)

    Favorite Food: anything from a human's plate

    List of Tricks:
    1) sit
    2) sit pretty
    3) down (lay down)
    4) roll over
    5) off (get down off of things)
    6) weave between legs
    7) "where's your tongue" (show us your tongue)
    8) limp
    9) bow
    10) spin (anti-clockwise)
    11) twirl (clock-wise)
    13) wait (stop moving)
    14) come (recall)
    15) in the suitcase
    16) paw target
    17) nose target
    18) hold (we've come a long way with this one recently!!)
    19) leave it
    20) ta (drop it)
    21) "heel" (walk around behind me and sit at my left leg)
    22) stand
    23) shake
    24) high five
    25) on your matt
    26) over
    27) Back up (walk backwards)
    28) backwards between my legs
    29) weave between poles
    30) stand
    31) chin target
    32) steal (take dads hat off his head and run away with it)
    33) open/close door with nose

    Favourite Toys: Frisbee... definitely the frisbee. Oh and sticks too!!

    Habits: Stalking the rabbit, kittens .. horses.... well anything that moves really :rolleyes:

    Problems: Nipping at the horse's heels and noses :cautious:

    - Recall (so long as her best friend the husky isn't around). She's fantastic to call even if she's busy chasing kangaroos, she'll still come back as soon as she's called :love:

    - Leave it, I don't even know how she became so good at this one, because I never consciously taught it, but she is SO GOOD at it :)

    Temperament: She loves 'her' people, but hates the rest of the world. AKA. VERY people shy.





  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Evie is beautiful:) How did you manage 'leave it' without teaching her? I'm jealous:D Love the photo of her in the Daffodils, too cute!:love:
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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    Evie has grown so fast. She's such a cutie.:love:
    @MaryK I didn't exactly "teach" Missy leave it either. Something falls on the ground I would snap and point away from the food eventually I just said leave it and she would.
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  4. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow, Evie sure has grown!!!!:eek: She's gorgeous!!:love: Nice trick list!!!(y)
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  5. Evie Experienced Member

    Evie's just a very sensitive dog in general... I think it helped that as a puppy she wasn't allowed to eat her bowl of food until she'd sat and I'd released her (she learnt this within the first week - such a fast learner) and from then on she assumed that food wasn't to be eaten unless she was told she could. So when she picks up food that she hasn't been told she's allowed, we could say anything to her, in any tone of voice and she'd go 'oops, forgot to ask permission first - my bad'
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  6. Anneke Honored Member

    Oh gosh, she is abslolutely adorable!!
    I love the picture of her between the dafodills!
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  7. Evie Experienced Member

    Thanks :D
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Ah, that explains it thank you:)
  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes I could see that in Evie when I met her:)
    Ra Kismet was also taught, as a small puppy, to not to eat before being told too and was really good but my problem was that Zeus would immediately try to eat Ra Kismet's meal or resource guard. It was the onset of Zeus' Cushings which makes a normally well behave dog go crazy for food, Zeus was stealing food off the counter tops, cat's food anything food, something he'd never have done pre Cushings as he knew to wait etc. and he'd never stolen a thing either, so not easy to deal with as it wasn't just a 'bad'. Ra Kismet's 'manners' didn't get properly taught. Must start to retrain on that, now Zeus' Cushings is under control.
  10. MaryK Honored Member

    The vid wouldn't work the other night, but got it tonight! LOL just so cute!!!!!!!! She's a real water baby!:love:
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  11. Gordykins Experienced Member

    Evie is adorable. I especially love that last picture of her.
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  12. Evie Experienced Member

    Thank you! I've always thought she was adorable, but I may be a little bias. Looking through some old photos she went through a very gawky stage lol, but we would still get strangers come up to us and tell us how cute she was :cautious::rolleyes::LOL:

    Like the picture below. She looked really funny without her fluffy 'feathers' around her neck and on her legs

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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Ra Kismet went through the same stage, gawky and got the nick name "Daddy Long Legs" but they're still so cute aren't they!:)
  14. Gordykins Experienced Member

    She was still cute even in her gawky age. :)
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  15. Evie Experienced Member

    Some pictures from today :)








  16. Dogster Honored Member

    Evie was, is and always will be adorable!!!!!:love: Great pictures!!!:D
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Great pictures
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  18. Evie Experienced Member

    Thanks guys :)
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  19. raymond upton Well-Known Member

    evie is adorable i really liked the photograpy you have some really cool shots
  20. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    She is absolutely gorgeous. LOL @ Evil B and favorite food being anything off someone's plate!! As the owner of a complete love-slut, please let me share that there is nothing wrong with owning a dog that thinks the sun rises and sets on you!!

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