Evanston, Il (north Chicago)

Discussion in 'Find Training Partners' started by yellerlab, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. yellerlab Member

    Looking for training friend for obedience, freestyle, and to attend conferences.

    I have a yellow lab (Oliver).
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  2. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    If you happen to ever come back on this forum I'd love to =)
  3. yellerlab Member

    Just happened to check and saw your post! Hooray! I am now in Connecticut doing some Freestyle demonstrations. Its a lot of fun. I plan to return to Evanston by the middle of May in order to go to Camp Dogwood on the weekend of May 24 (or whatever the date is). I don't know anything about the camp.

    Would be great to meet you. Where do you live? Tell me about your dog?


    PS Sue Sternberg is speaking in Madison, WI this weekend. If you know who she is, it would be worth the trip.
  4. kcmetric Well-Known Member

    I'm in Lincoln Park, I'd be working with my Portuguese water dog. However, you seem to be out of our league, so I'm not sure if you still want us as partners lol.

    We won't take it personally.

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