Epic Dazzle's Trick List

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by madeleine, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. madeleine Experienced Member

    Here is Dazzle trick list :) It’s a bit obiedience, agility and tricks!

    1. Sit
    2. Pretty sit
    3. Stand
    4. Down
    5. Lay flat
    6. Roll over
    7. Come
    8. Wait
    9. Paw
    10. Other paw
    11. High 5
    12. High 10
    13. Bow
    14. Fetch
    15. Hold object
    16. Let object go
    17. Leave it
    18. Tug
    19. Turn left
    20. Turn right
    21. Slow down (command is “hoooooo”, use while bicycling and running)
    22. Start pulling (comand is “kkkkk”, use while running together)
    23. Get leash (leash lying on same place)
    24. Follow on loose leash
    25. Toutch (hand)
    26. Toutch (target)
    27. Go to the mat
    28. Go to the bench
    29. Look at me
    30. Get off furniture
    31. Don’t jump onto passengers, but stay on the ground with 4 paws
    32. Go
    33. Jump bars
    34. Tunnel
    35. Chute
    36. Chop Chop (stand with hindpaws on object)
    37. Over (run over the a-frame and dogwalk)
    38. Teeter tot
    39. Weave
    40. Go forward
    41. Ring toss
    42. Beads spiral
    43. Get keys
    44. Get fallen down keys while we walk
    45. Kiss
    46. Catch frisbee
    47. Volt over leg to catch frisbee
    48. Hold spacifer
    49. Fetch leash
    50. Hands up ( hold paw up during pretty sit)
    51. Bang (claps down and lay flat)
    52. Twist (spin to her left)
    53. Jump through hula hop
    54. Open door
    55. Close door
    56. Jump on me (command with hand signals)
    57. Jump on my lap
    58. Shame
    59. Bubbles
    60. Chin down
    61. Between my legs
    62. Skateboard (atleast 2 paws)
    63. Pull off my socks
    64. Get into suitcase
    65. Up (get on the balance ball, with all paws)

    Working on:
    Going trough a lying hula hop
    Stick tongue out
    And getting more focuss outside!

    Cross (right paw over left paw)
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Wow!!!!!!!!! Impressive trick list!:D:love: We;re working on Cross paws too! Almost 'got it'.
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  3. Mutt Experienced Member

    Impressive tricklist!
    I especially like the frisbee tricks (vault over leg) :)
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  4. madeleine Experienced Member

    Thank you!!

    I'm wondering wether the crossing off the other paw would be easier or more diffecult..

    The vault is a nice one indeed! I would love to do more frisbee tricks with her. Aswell as some cool trick and servuce dog stuff.... oh and the helicopter!! Have to start on the beginning with that one though.

    Ohh there are just sooo many cool tricks!!
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  5. Mutt Experienced Member

    Mmh every dog is different but for Boef it is very hard to the other side (the side is already knows is perfect), she doesn't really seem to get that it is the same idea only with her other so we haven't cone around to fully mastering it (the one she now knows was also difficult though).

    Did Dazzle show interest in the beginning in a frisbee? I'd love to do a course/workshop with Mazzel but he has no natural interest in balls and such (what a retriever I have huh :rolleyes: :LOL:). Though he loves to retrieve a ball to a box now as a trick after I taught him that as a trick.

    I know what ou mean :ROFLMAO:
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    @Madeleine how'd you teach the leg vault? I tried teaching Missy it before, but she didn't get what I wanted.
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  7. madeleine Experienced Member

    Dazzle has always been very keen with frisbee's. We started "training" when she was 9 weeks old to give me a change to learn how to throw. The with the dog part was always the last part off the lessons and Dazzle starten with running after the roallers. Those are frisbee's that you 'throw' away rolling on the ground. Most dogs do like those. I've also heard once that somebody started clicking whenever the dog got the frisbee. Play tug might also help, it sure does with Dazzle to run extremely hard to get the next one.

    With the leg vault it is most important that you place the frisbee wright. Place it wrong and the dog jumps over your leg and not touching the leg or does touch leg but can't land well.
    Also Dazzle is very awere that she is allowed that she can jump onto me, since I want to frisbee with her I never discouraged it. Shy dogs might find that a bit harder aswell. Those are most important I believe. One easier step is kneeling and then throwing instead off standing up and pulling leg up.
  8. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Great trick list!!! Dazzle must look adorable when she is doing the get into a suitcase trick!!!
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  9. madeleine Experienced Member

    Thank you! I'll try to make a picture or short movie next week so you can have a look ;)
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow, impressive!!!!!:D Dazzle's got some great tricks up her sleeve!!!...err...paw!!:p I can't wait to see the video!!!:)
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  11. madeleine Experienced Member

    Thanks!! :)
    I filmed two tricks already, but not yet the suitcase :D I really find it hard to find music for the trickvid hehe
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

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  13. madeleine Experienced Member

    Ooh that is great!!! I will look into that tomorrow!
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  14. madeleine Experienced Member

    66. Easy button

    She got that pretty fast!
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