Eating cat poop

brenda taulbee

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So, I know there is a thread on puppies eating their own poop, but our situation is a bit different. We have an indoor/outdoor cat who goes out her cat door every morning to poo. We also let Kenzii out every morning to take care of business. Most mornings she comes in licking her lips after a tasty treat from the cat. As a result, she constantly has loose stool and awful gas. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a supplement or something that you can feed a cat to make their poo less desirable. Kenzii's food is highly nutritious, and she gets a daily supplement so I know the poo eating isn't motivated by some sort of deficiency. Just a bad habit at this point. I just want my dog to be able to hang out in the backyard for even 10 minutes without making herself sick!


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Ah geez, that is terrible.
Rather than change your cats diet---train your dog instead.

I'd say you have to go outside WITH your dog til you have trained your dog "leave it"...or "no eat" or whatever cue you wanna use.

Not sure exactly how to train that, but, first step =SUPERVISION. Lock off his dog-door if you must, til he has learned he can't eat that.

If you dog goes over to eat cat poop, say "leave it" and when dog looks to you, reward.
You might have to teach what "leave it" means, starting inside house, with less desirable items, and work your way up.

Yeah, yeah, it'll be a pain if you are not much used to accompanying your dog outside every time, but, it'd be well worth it. Is good idea to be able to get a dog to stop eating something you dont' want him to eat anyway, for unexpected moments here or there. Plus, like we all know, training our dogs bonds us up to them.

And...keep your yard as poop free as possible.
but, stand by for better ideas.


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So you could still use the puppy poop eating thread, follow that advice, i don't think it much matters whose poop the dog is eating. YOu gotta stop him.


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I ahve the same issue with my strict indoor cat. She goes in her litter box and when ever Kai or Snickers(It's mostly Snickers, and we don't kennle her or anything because she's not going to chew the house to bits) have the chance, they escape the gate and eat it. However, if we put a baby gate infront of the litte box, the cat won't go in the litter box. I need help with it too D:


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Our kitty litter box is ALWAYS gated (for our strict indoor kitty) in our "guest bathroom". We keep the gate up at the doorway, and the litterbox is in the back corner of the bathroom, so Shadow has plenty of room to go back there and use it. I feed Shadow (the kitty) in the room too, so he likes it in there.

We have never been able to train the kitty-poop-eating out of Cassidy. I finally just gave up, because even though she knows not to do it when we're around, the moment she knows we're not paying attention she goes in there and eats it (we find the evidence in her breath, little kitty litter crumbs on the floor, and her own poop as hard as rocks with all the clay litter she eats!). I haven't been successful in finding a way for her to learn that it's bad to do (or GOOD NOT to do) when her owners aren't around!! I tried the old can full of coins landing noisily next to her to startle her (and me around the corner so she doesn't think it's me), but that didn't work either. I guess the draw of yummy cat poo is stronger than the aversion to noise, which, now that she's older, doesn't phase her in the least. LOL

Oh well. Sorry to be a downer! Maybe if the litter box was kept in the MIDDLE of the house where we could see it and the dog at all times, we would have been more successful. But who wants a litterbox in the middle of a house? Ew.

Good luck! ;)