Duke Has Learned Cover Your Eyes!


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:D His cue is actually "Shame" (Ideally I want to say "You should be ashamed" ). Still not 100% on cue as you will be able to tell from the video... but he knows what I want him to do (finally!)... ignore the obnoxious small dog squeaking in the background... someone was jealous that I wasn't working with her ;).


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I LOVED IT, AND MY DOG LOVED IT, TOO!! He came running in, to hear the pups in the background squealing, and smiled! YESssss! (click/treat for *my* gangsta dog for smiling at dog noises).



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Thanks everyone!

Anneke - It never even occurred to me to teach it from anything other than a "Sit" - but it did take him a longer time to get it than it takes him to get most new tricks.

And Yay for Buddy!!! Lin-Zee in the background is quite an amazing little dog (even if she drives me crazy sometimes!). Duke is not usually fond of other dogs (OK.... he usually tries to rip other dogs ears off....) but he has never had any issue with Linz. In fact, I even catch them cuddling on occasion (but, of course, as soon as they figure out that I am looking at them they immediately stop :ROFLMAO: