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  1. mopar53190 Well-Known Member

    New line of inquiry in dog death

    A new line of inquiry is being pursued into the death of a dog which was found with its legs tied and muzzle bound next to a reservoir in the Isle of Man.
    Following inquiries by Crimestoppers, it is suspected the chocolate-coloured Labrador came from the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland.

    Investigators believe the dog may have travelled on a boat out of Stranraer or a nearby port, to the Isle of Man.

    A £2,500 reward for information leading to the dog's killer is being offered.

    Manx Police described the attack on the two-year-old Labrador in February as 'barbaric' and despite numerous police appeals for information, no-one has ever been brought to justice.


    TOPEKA, Kan. - Firefighters said a grease fire that left $50,000 in damage to a Topeka home erupted after a dog shut a woman out of the house while fish was frying on the stove.

    Authorities said the woman was taking garbage outside Tuesday evening when the dog somehow shut the door behind her. Firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke with flames shooting from the roof of the home.

    Topeka Fire Department Capt. Greg Degand said residents tried to douse the blaze, which started on a stove in the kitchen. But the flames spread to the attic and fully engulfed the house.

    The woman's husband said the important thing is that everyone made it out safely, including the dog and their pet bird.

  2. mopar53190 Well-Known Member

    (1st story) There are some sick people in this world!!!
    (2nd story) At least the husband was rational about it.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    What's with all these dog attacks/biting/dieing/shot stories? That is weird.. Must be a full moon or something...

    Where are all the nice stories about a therapeutic dog giving new hope to coma patient or something!! :dogsmile:
  4. mopar53190 Well-Known Member

    I'll try to find one for the next one.
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    No problem mopar, I don't mind the messages. I just find it ironic that lately there are a lot of those kind of stories...

    Here is a positive one! :dogsmile:

  6. l_l_a New Member

    I much prefer positive dog stories, but also feel we must remain aware of the horrific ones too so that we can do our part as concerned citizens to help prevent or stop it whenever we can. I just get so outraged beyond words when I read about stories in which defenseless but sentient beings (like animals) were brutally murdered and it is so clear that they were tortured to death. Studies have shown that people who torture and maim and murder animals are likely to "graduate" to doing the same to humans.

    But anyway, it's always rejuvenating (can't think of a better word) to read about positive stories with happy endings!

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