Dog Tricks- Need Suggestions


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Gday, I'm Matt, from New Zealand. I have a 7-8 month old border collie puppy called silvy (she's adorable), and just got told by our dog-training instructor yesterday we have until next week to teach our dogs a new trick, and it's not allowed to be a rehash of a trick they already know.
Silvy already knows sit, down, high five, twist and turn (clockwise/counter spin).
Does anyone have any suggestions on tricks I could possibly teach her in roughly a week?:) Any help would be appreciated. Oh by the way, this is my little girl -->

Jean Cote

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Hi Matt! Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy. Your pup looks very smart, I'm sure that you will be able to teach him some incredible tricks, Border Collies are one of the smartest breeds there is. ;)

You can teach her to go in and out of your legs, like a figure eight. That can be done in a week's time. Or to jump up in your arms, that takes a lot of trust tho so it may take more than a week to get a good performance.

How about shy? You can place a piece of scotch tape on her nose and as she tries to take it off you click & reward. Eventually she'll do it on her own without the tape, which everyone I show this trick to says it's cute.

There are many options. ;)


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I'm sure your BC will get the trick WAY faster than my dog, Shivon, but these are tricks that I taught her in about a week:
  • beg
  • speak
  • through/weave
  • roll over
  • play dead
  • kisses!!!!:love:
  • bow
(and more but I can't seem to remember....O_o)

You can also check people's info pages; they have TONS of tricks posted there!!!!


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*High Five
*Paws Up
*Elephant Turn (have your dog step on a book and spin like an elephant)
*Head Down (have your dog lay down and put their head down)
*Kennel Up (put a tug toy on your kennel, then have her pull the door open, walk in, then pull the door to close it)
*Have your dog walk in circles around you

Good luck!


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I recently taught one of my dogs "Stick 'em Up!"--sitting in a beg position with both paws in the air.
Other ideas:
-Cross Paws
-Raise one paw in response to a question--"Who's the smartest dog?" "Who likes [political figure or sports team?" "Who wants cookies?" (As pictured in my signature...this is what I call "wave" for Mud, but I now kind of wish I had made it a response to a question instead, lol.)
-Paws up(on an object)
-Shame/Shy/Boo!/Bad dog--dog covers eyes with paw
-Bow (I call this "Ta-da!")


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Ok, so I've tried to teach her Shy (paws on nose) with a little bit of sticky-tape on the nose, treating her whenever she actually puts her paws up on her nose to try and get it off, but after finally taking the tape off, she's now terrified of tape, and runs away when she sees me getting it out. Any suggestions as to how else I could teach her this, or ways around this?
Also, any suggestions or links on how to teach her to Weave? I was looking at starting her on Agility training sometime next year and this would be good advance training

Jean Cote

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To teach her to weave in and our of your legs, you get your dog to sit in front of you, and place a treat in between your legs behind you. Your dog should only get the treat once she walks underneath you.

After a few repetitions, right when she gets to your treat, lure her to your right side or whatever side you are holding the treat, so if you are holding the treat in your right hand, lure your dog to your right so that she has to walk around the back of your leg.

Practice both sides until she gets comfortable. Maybe a day or two.

Then... Get your dog to do one side, and with your other hand, have another treat ready and let your dog see the other treat. This way your dog will do both sides one after the other.

Eventually you'll be able to do it 2 - 3 times in a row and your dog will love it.

I suspect that since you have a border collie, you may want to get her really involved in the game by using a toy for reward (most border collies love toys). At first use treat, but to get her enthusiastic use a toy afterwards. ;)

Hope this is clear... I am working on a free video guide to show you how to do this but it wont be ready until a few weeks, unfortunately.


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Hi Matt
Check on youtube on dog tricks especially Zsianz1 and Kikopup they have lots of tutorials on dog tricks and cool tricks as well. I taught Gabby blowing bubbles in water and 4 feet in a bowl etc I couldnt believe how easy these tricks were once they were explained and people were very impressed with it and thought it took along time to teach lol. At the moment I am teaching Gabby to roll over with a towel in its mouth. We have had two lessons and she has picked it up. At the last training session we were doing the roll without the towel till she realized that i want the towel to go as well. Clicker is such a powerful tool and I find that they pick things up very quick

Good luck Matt
Danni and the girls