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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Jean Cote, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi everyone. :) I hope that your dog tricks training is going well and that your dogs are learning new skills daily!!

    I have a question, it'll only take you a minute to answer. :)

    If you were to give categories to tricks, what would they be?


    Cute Tricks
    Crowd Pleasing Tricks
    Retrieving Tricks
    Agility Tricks

    Thanks a million for helping!
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  2. Mutt Experienced Member

    sport tricks (agility/treibball/frisbee etc.)
    prop tricks (interaction with another object)
    household tricks/helpdog tricks (closing cupboard etc.)
    body awareness tricks (look right/lift, elephant trick etc.)
    retrieving (mouthing) tricks
    The Classics (roll over, play death, the 'typical' tricks)

    There are probably a million other possibilities, but these are the ones I can come up with.
    Hope it helps you out!
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  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Great list! Keep on writing if you have more :)
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  4. Dlilly Honored Member

    Useful tricks (take the sock off, do the laundry)
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  5. Dogster Honored Member

    I like Mutt's ideas:)

    Useful tricks
    Cute tricks
    Crowd pleasers
    Unique tricks
    Funny dog tricks
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    I like mutts.
    Holiday tricks(Halloween, Easter, Christmas)
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  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thank you all for the suggestions. They are absolutely awesome! If you have any more, please reply to this message. :)
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Tricks for dogs with disabilities, i.e. amputees, blind
    Tricks for older dogs,
  9. southerngirl Honored Member

    I like the tricks for older dogs and disabilities, because I have a hard time finding tricks for Chase because he has very little use in one of his back legs and his hips are bad.
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    It's hard isn't it, I was also thinking of Lego. Sorry to hear Chase has so little use in one of his back legs and bad hips. It's no fun for them is it. And as I've found with Zeus, they still want to learn and do tricks.
  11. Mutt Experienced Member

    Glad people like the ideas I gave,
    I like Southerngirl her idea of holiday tricks
    and MaryK her idea of tricks for older/handicapt dogs.
    Another suggestion:
    - combined tricks (trick 1 + new situation/trick 2 = new trick)
    - human(body) interaction tricks (jump on back/backstall/footstall etc.)l
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  12. Mutt Experienced Member

    and of course:
    Double dog tricks
  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Good one, especially for one hyper energetic youngster and one super lazy mature aged Golden Oldie:D
  14. MaryK Honored Member

    I had one thought on the 'double act'. Ra Kismet will jump over Zeus when he wants to get past him (this place is very small) so am thinking maybe I could teach them to do that as a trick? What do you all think?
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  15. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    I taught Carmel to jump over Shivon and to go around her!:)

    Puppy (young puppy) dog tricks
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    That's great!!!!!!!! Will add the 'go around her' him in my case. Started today, got one jump over from Ra Kismet. The hardest part is getting Zeus to stand, he doesn't like standing for too long these days, while I lure Ra Kismet to jump. I tried using Ra Kismet's hoop, resting VERY lightly on Zeus' back and that did the trick, oops no pun intended. Could use another pair of hands though, LOL juggling hoops, dogs, clickers and treats is a tad awkward at times.
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  17. Little Miss Mollie Well-Known Member

    Basic/Beginner (gotta give dog and human confidence!)
    Therapy Dog (tricks for small spaces)
    Tricks with Props
    Service Dog type tricks
    Movie Star (like on your mark, distance tricks, things you might use for commercials/TV)
    Good Manners (go to bed, quiet at doorbell, relax, grooming/dremel, sit politely for petting, CGC stuff)
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  18. wjcook Well-Known Member

    I do a double trick with mine where Talie the smaller ones goes under Bandit, round my legs then jumps over Bandit and finishes by going around me again. It looks really cute. I want to be able to move further away but am finding it difficult to keep Bandit standing still when I move. He does know a stand -stay but in this trick he doesn't seem to understand that's what I want him to do.;)
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  19. madeleine Experienced Member

    Tricks concerning two or more humans of two ore more dogs.
    Tricks with other animals (how cool would it be it your dog plays a taxidriver and pulls a trolly along for the rabbit who wants to go to the other side ofd the room for example)
    tricks on objects
    combanation of several tricks with use off one command (like opening freezer, graphing beer, closing door, bring beer to handler)
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  20. madeleine Experienced Member

    tricks by 'looking'
    Don't know who to call this group correct. But I want to teach Dazzle (eventually, when collected enough toys) graph a toy in an other room (where there are laying many different toys) by showing her a smaller version in the first place.
    Other example is to teach your dog to sit while holding a paper up with the words 'sit' on it (no dogs cant read, but are able to see the differences in different words, which that are an cue sign to do something.

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