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  1. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend would like to know if there are some good dog training tv shows. She has already seen It's Me or the Dog. She has also seen Dogs in the City. So, she would like to know if there are some other good tv shows. My friend is now talking about full-lenght tv shows. Actually they don't need to be actual tv shows. They could be also something that would be on youtube as long as they would be actual shows that have full-lenght episodes. She knows that there are many good dog training tutorials on youtube. So, does anyone know such? :)

    My friend is not looking for them about any special subjects. Those shows could be trick training, obedience training or behavioral issues etc. as long as they use only positive methods in them.
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  2. caninehorizons Experienced Member

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    There are tons of good dog training videos on YouTube: Here's a few of the excellent channels that show in detail how to train behaviors:

    Pam's Dog Academy:
    Donna Hill:

    And one of my favorites - though I can't understand a word of it <smile>
    Torhild Tormaha:

    My YouTube channel has videos of dogs doing their trained behaviors in movie-type formas . . . in case you'd be interested in seeing that.

    10-9-14 Scotty 2.JPG
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  3. myraellen Well-Known Member

    My friend has watched their tutorials. She also thinks that they are good. :)
    My friend can watch also those others...

    So, my friend thinks that she would tell more specifically what she's looking for.
    No need to bother to mention the Dog Whisperer.:ROFLMAO:

    So, she's looking for shows that have actual episodes like those two we mentioned earlier.
    My friend would like to add something to the last part of the message: It could be also so that there would be a dog trainer that would meet people that have some sort of issues with their dogs and that would advice them.
  4. MaryK Honored Member

    I suggest your friend googles to find full length episodes. Varies sites do run them, but it depends on the country. I may be able to find them for where I live, but not for your country. Depends a lot on what's being actually shown on t.v. at that time. But the sites which have been posted above will definitely help your friend. Full length shows don't usually show more than just the one 'trick' or behavior, and that tends to be heavily edited, so the videos by good trainers are far better to learn from.

    As to finding a good Positive Reinforcement Trainer, again I would suggest you google, because you'll get the ones in your country coming up. Or ask your vet. I was new to this place and asked my vet who recommended the school which my guys go too. Vets are a really good source of local information.

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