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how old is every ones dog?ONLY CHOOSE ONE IF U HAVE MULTIPLE! XD

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  1. maggie/the/dog New Member

    i would hope for you to answer this correctly, but how old should my dog be to train new tricks? i have a 2 year old female SPAYED Chocolate Labrador Retriever that is still learning stay, come, and heel. I'm kinda embarassed because all my friends have 1 year old labs that are already doing championship trials!:(
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    My Missy is six almost seven and Chase is sixteen.
    I think no dog is too young or to old to began teaching tricks. Don' t be embarrassed, I started teaching Missy tricks when she was three. Start with simple tricks such as shake and roll over then gradually do more challenging tricks. If you need any help teaching them will be glad to help.
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  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Southerngirl is absolutely right. Don't worry about how old your dog is, now that you're getting into dog training. The most important thing is that you are wanting to start working with your dog now. You've come to the right place. If you have any questions, please just ask and we'll be happy to help, give you suggestions or hints on "how to", etc. With a little hard (but fun!) work, your girl will know just as much as your friends' dogs! (y):D

    And to answer your poll - mine are 7 and 8 yrs old.
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  4. 648117 Honored Member

    Holly is just over 15 months old.

    We just got a second dog (4 weeks ago) called Lewis who is 2 years old and he hasn't had any training but he is learning. So 2 is definitly not too old to train your dog. Some dog take longer to pick things up and so far Lewis is proving to be a lot slower than Holly, but he has learn't to sit and wait for his dinner and has half learn't to lie down.

    Good luck with your dog :)
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    No dog is too old to teach tricks:) My young dog is now three years and has been doing tricks since he was three months old when I got him. My older dog is almost 12 years (wow hard to believe) and apart from basics, sit, stay, down come etc. was never into tricks, now though he's learning new tricks!!!!!!!!!!! Inspired by all the treats my younger dog gets during trick time no doubt:)
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  6. MissyBC Experienced Member

    My dog is 2 years old and I've taught her tricks since I got her at 4 months. We're still working on come, so don't worry. (and she doesn't really know Stay, though we have worked on it occasionally!)

    Your dog isn't too old to start learning obedience and tricks. I know a dog in my neighborhood who was re-homed as a 3 or 4 year old and he's still learning basic obedience. He knew nothing when they first got him. I don't think he was even house trained. :) He loves to run... AWAY! - but they always seem to get him back. :) They are always working on "come" with him! :)
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  7. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Bella is 2 nearly 3 and only been training her the last year or so, Jenny is 12 and i've taught her a few tricks
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  8. Dogster Honored Member

    No dog is too young or too old to learn tricks. I have been teaching my dog tricks and commands since she was 3 months old. She is now 2 years old, and knows over 80 tricks and commands. :) Is there anything you need help with? Remember, patience is key when you're training your dog. Don't give up!! If you want to know how to teach a specific trick or behaviour, we're here to help!!
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  9. maggie/the/dog New Member

    the only problem i'm having is that all my dogs want to rush out the door and play while im trying to train maggie. is there any way i could possibly keep them from rushing past me when i open the door?
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

    You could teach her invisible boundaries, here are a couple of threads on this topic:

    Hope this helps:)
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  11. CarmenR Well-Known Member

    Don't be embarrassed two is actually young for a lab. A large majority of the ones at the obedience club I go to are two or over and are still puppy like (A lot of the owners say they take longer to finally mature). Also come is something that takes a LOOOONGGG time to learn. My dog has been learning it for almost a year now and well the command still doesn't work half the time if she is sniffing something or somewhere exciting:oops:

    The most important part is the fact you are putting effort in to train and bond with your dog :)
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Very true Carmen R. Some breeds, labs being one, are slow to mature and it can take what seems like forever for them to 'get it'. Come is something which most dogs take forever to really get, as in "hey Mom this smell is just sooooooooo interesting hold on a minute I did hear but well gotta check out the peemail". Just keep working on come, make it a game and always reward when she's already on her way, or actually responded. I still have times when my boy hears me but is more interested in picking fruit off the tree than coming inside!!!

    Carmen R is right, that's the important thing, putting in the effort and bonding with your dog.
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  13. 2SpoiledAussies Well-Known Member

    My dogs learned basics (sit and down, only when treats were out) when they were puppies. But I didn't start really training until they were 5. They are both from the same litter, but learn at very different paces. And some things one dog will catch on quicker than the other. It just takes time and patience. Positive Reinforcment helps too :)
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