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    Dog-biting is a common phenomenon that a lot of dog owners encounter at least a few times in their experience of owning dogs.

    How to Get my Puppy to Stop Biting

    Is it done voluntarily or is dog-biting out of pure inherent instinct? Your pet puppy bites you because:
    #1. He’s possessive
    Sometimes, the possessiveness of your pet dog can be exhibited in behavioral aggression.
    Why me:This type of aggression can be displayed through various actions such as growling, snapping, baring his teeth and even biting you in the event that your dog feels that his possession or his territory is threatened.
    If you are the unfortunate one who has unintentionally “challenged” your dog’s sense of ownership, then it’s highly possible for you to get bitten.
    Is this done voluntarily?Most of the time, this is done purposely and yes, voluntarily, because your puppy wants you to be aware of what the real deal is, exactly.
    Therefore, in order to prevent (or stop, in advanced cases) this type of dog-biting from happening, you should train your dog early.
    How to get my puppy to stop biting me?
    • Teach your puppy the “Leave it!” command in order to prevent toy aggression. Basically, the “Leave it!” training is done to train your dog self-discipline and delayed self-gratification – two factors that are lacking if your dog is possessively aggressive.
    • Another helpful tip to establish your dominance by avoiding aggressive games such as wrestling or tug-of-war. Instead, play catch or other games which involves your pet dog obeying usual dog commands.
    • Never give food or toys to your dog unless he patiently waits and stands still in order to make him remember that he has to behave first before being given a nice treat.
    #2. He was not socialized enough
    In other times, puppies learn proper biting controls from their pack members and littermates. If this activity is neglected, your puppy may be out of control with regards to biting.
    Why me:Your puppy didn’t have the chance to bite other puppies and so he didn’t know that when biting someone who screams in pain, he should already stop.
    Also, he wasn’t able to get disciplined by older dogs in the pack so this responsibility is left for you, the ever-loving owner, to accomplish instead.
    Is this done voluntarily?Keep in mind that your puppy is still young and untrained, so he generally doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    Virtually all puppies are born thinking that biting and nipping are forms of play, so when he bites you while he’s still young, it’s usually out of ignorance.
    How do I get my puppy to stop?
    • React like an injured puppy whenever your pet bites and nips you. If he has bitten you, yell out a sharp and high-pitched yowl in order to mimic the reaction that he’s bound to receive when he bites his littermates. Make sure that he’s shocked by your reaction so that he’s less likely to do it again.
    • Sternly correct your puppy immediately after the bite has taken place. Don’t wait a minute too soon to correct your puppy’s biting problem. Look him strictly in the eye and say “No” with authority. Other dog trainers may recommend you to flip the dog onto his side while holding his scruff and administering verbal correction appropriately.
    • Make him socialize with other dogs of his age in order for him to explore his control of his biting urges naturally.
    #3. He’s under a whole lot of pain
    A medical condition or a developmental milestone may cause your growing puppy to act mouthy and nippy and therefore bite you along the process.
    Why me:If you notice that your dog, which has been considered to be regularly friendly, bite you all of a sudden, you should consider the possibility that he’s in pain.
    Also, while the most common dog health problems have been tackled generally, it’s also important to consider that a milestone such as teething can cause your puppy to bite you just to direct the pain away from him.
    Is this done voluntarily?Your puppy doesn’t really intend to bite you with malice – most of the time, he just wants to communicate that he’s feeling ill so that you can do something about it.
    As for your growing puppy who is currently teething, it just so happened that you are nearest to him, so he could not stop himself into biting you, just to make the teething pain go away.
    How to get my puppy to stop biting me?
    • If your dog is currently teething, give him a frozen washcloth toy so that he can play with it. The cold helps relieve pain by soothing the gums and constricting the vessels around, thereby numbing the pain receptors. Also, the washcloth is the chosen material as it provides play time without really inconveniencing your puppy as it is appropriate for endless chewing sessions.
    • Another thing you can give to your dog while teething, considering that your dog will be older, is a hard rubber chew toy. Interestingly enough, some hard rubber chew toys even have a hole in the middle to provide a space for you to put a tasty treat such as cream cheese in for your pet dog to be pleasantly distracted.
    • In the event of a medical condition, though, the best action that you could take is to consult expert assistance from a veterinarian so that you’ll be given instructions to help your dog regain his optimum level of function. Never experiment with your dog before asking a veterinarian – your dog is a living creature which deserves proper medical attention, too, so you should not risk it.

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