Dog on heat


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My 8 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has been on heat for about 12 days, poor thing, but I wondered if any other people have had the problem that their dogs are no longer house trained. I wake up most mornings to a puddle on the floor or she wakes me in the middle of the night to go outside. She is getting walked and is also out before we go to bed.
Please can someone shed some light on this and tell me it will get better again.


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My guess is a UTI---I would rule out a few things with a vet check. The biggest being pyrometria which is a uterine infection that can be fatal. I would at least catch a first thing in the morning sample and take to the vet within 2 hours without refrigerating. My puppy has been through 2 heats...I was about to get her spayed when the 2nd started so now I have to wait a bit. She never had any trouble with incontinence or any potty regressions.

My breeder wanted me to wait until 18 mos to spay so that's why mine is still intact. If ur girl isn't going to be bred spaying her would eliminate the risk of pyrometria. Spaying can cause some incontinence and two of my females spayed before a heat did have that issue. It was very treatable with a cheap antihistamine called phehylpropanolamine (PPA).

I was pretty sure that she had a UTI this time b/c she would pee twice every time she went but her urine was clean. Maybe there is a sense of irritation with the ending of a heat cycle??? That was my guess. She had no fever-you can also check that. Pyrometria will produce a fever. Maybe if nothing shows up just take her out in the middle of the night to ease her feeling that she needs to go or out a little early--or crate her.

The last thing that comes to mind: get some unscented hypoallergenic sensitive skin huggies wipes and keep her clean and wipe off after she pees. Since she's a little wet back there maybe she's picking up bacteria when she squats to pee and getting a little vaginitis-though more common in young puppies certainly possible. Wipe down the area's she usually lays and clean well with vinegar and water (any moppable floors) to be sure you get up any bacteria that might be on the floor.



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Well the good news is that she has stopped peeing during the night. The vet checked her over and said that it was probably her homones. She is still losing her hair but it is also getting better. She seems a lot happier now too.
The vet is against getting her spayed as with CKC their hair goes back to puppy hair and loses it's shine, so we are now wondering what to do.
I am just glad that she didn't have a urine infection and that she is on the mend, suppose this will probably happen everytime if we don't have her spayed, but never mind.