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My dog has sores that are scabby and sticky and yellow and stick to her fur. Help please

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  1. Catherine Member

    Hi everyone. I joined this forum to chat with like minded people. Whose dogs are their best friends and companions. Unconditional love and affection is a two way street. Maddie is my best friend and my baby. LOVE, LOVE her!! xoxo :);)
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!! Don't be shy to post pics of your WONDERFUL dog!!! How old is Maddie??? Do you/are you planning on teaching tricks/agility??? Do you use a clicke???:D If not, clickers are a GREAT tool in positive dog training!!! Welcome again!!! :LOL:

    As for the sores on your dog's skin, I think you should let the vet check them out. I'm not a vet (nowhere close :p) When did you first notice them??? Is Maddie on any medications/antibiotics for them???
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  3. Catherine Member

    Maddie is well trained thanks. The vet isn't quite sure but she is on two antibiotics. One of them makes her vomit. She has just started them so I'm going to give her yogurt before giving her thr pill. It's been a week since I first noticed them. I thought they were bug bites then I took her to the vet on Wednesday. She had a fever but that's gone. It's just nice to be knowledgable of what it really is. Hope the antibiotic helps
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  4. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    warts??? my older dog has them and they totally gross me out when they pop
  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Yes, do post photos of your dog, we love dog photos!!
    Do you also train tricks yet for your dog??

    Hope your vet can figure out these sores on your dog!! Bug bites seems like a good guess, but, it seems the vet would recognize bug bites, or, you'd see some fleas, ticks or lice, etc,
    but, who knows.

    Also, what do you feed the dog? like specific brand of dog food.
    I only ask, as, sometimes, when dogs are eating stuff they are allergic to, whether it is treats or dog foods,
    the dog gets skin problems. Turns out, many vets are not much into dog nutrition, which was big shock to me when i realized this.

    When humans are exposed to allergens, we get runny noses, puffy eyes, etc, and when humans eat stuff they are allergic too, they can swell up and have breathing problems, rashes, and/or get diarrhea.

    but for dogs, often the dog manifests skin problems------- or for milder allergens, they just itch/scratch a lot. so just to be safe, what are you feeding your dog??

    AT ANY RATE, GOOD LUCK and hope the dog gets well soon!!!
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  6. Catherine Member

  7. Catherine Member

    It doenst seem like a type of bite though. I noticed three at first then every day one or two more appeared....weird. She is not scratching either. We feed her grain free food by Multi Menu. Is there by any chance a vet on here?? with any suggestions?? It would be greatly appreciated. I will keep watch for a couple of days as the antibiotics do their job......providing she can keep them down.....:(
  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    So far as i know, none of the members here are vets, sorry. I could be wrong on that.

    and probably, to be honest, it is best to have a vet who is looking right at the rash help you, vs a vet online. Rashes and sores can be hard to diagnose or treat online, and even in person, it can be hard to be 100% sure what a rash or sore is caused by.

    When you say " Multi Menu" dog food, does it have any numbers after the name? (there are several brands of Multi Menu" dog food)
    Or is it the one made in Canada?
  9. Catherine Member

    Mmmmmm I threw the bag out. I think its made in Canada. I get it delivered to my home. Its made in a human grade facility.
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    can you post a link to what YOU mean when you say "Multi Menu" dog food? there are several types of dog food all called "Multi Menu" so i am not sure which one YOU mean.
    Have you been feeding this a long time, or it is new food to your dog?

    btw, is always good idea to keep dog food bags til they are empty, in case of any recalls, you would not know if your bag was recalled.
  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    yeah, one can get *almost* any dog food shipped to one's home, if they are willing to pay shipping costs.

    Catherine, do you live in Canada? there is a multi menu that has 18 different recipes of dog food...but, it's hard to know if that is the one your dog is eating...maybe send the link you use to order it, will help us know which brand of "Multi-Menu" you use?
  12. Catherine Member

  13. charmedwolf Moderator

    Not a vet yet but I am learning! I can try and give you some ideas to check with your vet about.

    Like tigerlily said it could be nutrition related prehaps a protien allergen, barley, soybean or rice. But more to the point, if you touch the sore is it hot to the touch? Can you possibly get a picture of it? What breed exactly is Maddie? And my last question for now is has your vet done a skin biopsy?

    I might, keyword might, have a few ideas of what it could be around but answers would narrow the list.
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  14. Catherine Member

    Oh thank you for responding charmedwolf. No the vet hasnt done a skin biopsy. Maddie is part pomeranian/eskimo and is 18lbs. The sores are NOT hot to the touch. I will attempt to add a picture here. I took it with my phone......hope you can see it well enough. Thanks
    PS....I have to sinc my phone first.....hang tight lol
  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    thanks for link to your dog food. Lol, many of us here are a bit into dog nutrition!!:ROFLMAO:

    EDIT: i see that CharmedWolf:) has posted at same time i was typing up my reply, and she is great resource on dog nutrtion!! I'm so glad she spotted this thread.
    She is not a vet, so far as i know, but, i have learned SO MUCH from her advice.

    i see there are TONS of various recipes on your link, Catherine, not sure which recipe YOU feed, or maybe you use them all.

    Almost every one of those on that site are not very good choices on that page. Not the worst in the world, either, but, for the price, you could get a lot better, more nutritious dog food than those dog foods. (i'm not judging, i once fed my dog the worst dog food in the world, but, i just did not know any better back then.)

    You say you feed the "grain free" dog food? right
    That one is not as bad as some of the other dog foods on that page, the "Sans Grain" recipe is probably the best recipe on that whole page, but,
    you could probably do a lil better. especially for what you are paying for it cuz you love your dog so much.

    It does contain Menodione, which is a form of Vitamin K, but, is toxic to dogs. It is banned from human food. <---- this might not have ANYTHING to do with your dog's rash, though. But, for the price you pay for that dog food, for your beloved dog, you could probably do better.

    some sources say Vitamin K can cause skin problems:

    ^which is NOT to say that IS causing YOUR dog's skin problems, though....

    I can't find a professional nutritional anaylsis of that recipe of that dog food, but i can recognize some ingredients in it, and most are fine, i do not see any obvious allergens, except for Vitamin K,:oops:
    and i would rather it says "chicken liver" than "chickn liver digest" as that can be reallly low quality ingredient,:sick: and i do not know about the 'fermentation' products in it.....
    but, there are so so so many ingredients in it i do not know what they are. I can find analysis of all their other flavors of dog food, but not the "Sans Grain" recipe.

    Oddly, i have heard of dogs, especially white pure bred dogs, who can actually develop allergies to chicken itself!!!:eek: , or dogs who develop some allergy to some other meat. Weird idea to me, a dog allergic to meat. But, apparently it can happen!!

    Maybe, if the vet's antibiotics do not clear up these sores,
    maybe, maybe, maybe, you *might* want to consider putting dog on bland diet for a few days, (like plain rice with a few scraps of chicken in it) and see if that makes a difference?

    or try plain rice with maybe lamb in it? for a few days, see if that makes any difference..
    (it might not make ANY difference, but, you could maybe maybe begin to assess if your dog has developed an allergy to something in his dog food...)

    at any rate, i sure do wish you the very best of luck in solving your dog's skin problems!!
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  16. Catherine Member

    Here is the pic.....

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  17. Catherine Member

    Thanks for ALL your input tigerlily. I really appreciate your info. I know its so confusing when it comes to dog food. We think and believe we are making the right choice....then we find out we arent doing that good of a job....:cry:
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  18. Catherine Member

    Has anybody out there found the "PERFECT" dog food??O_oO_o
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  19. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    // Has anybody out there found the "PERFECT" dog food?? //

    I HAVE! I HAVE!!

    ANSWER: Raw meat.

    but, i can't afford that for a 50 lb dog. We are on strict budget.
    Best i can do is,
    add in meat to each bowl of kibble.

    but, if i win the lottery or get rich, i will switch my dog over to Raw meat. (Cwolf is like an encyclopedia on how to raw feed).

    but, til i get rich, i remain a bargain shopper. :ROFLMAO: so i feed my dog "Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul". and i put meat scraps on top of each and eveyr bowl. but, we are lucky, as we DO have extra meat every day. We rinse off the meat if it has spices on it,
    and give Buddy scraps of fish, pork, venison, chicken, beef, turkey, eggs, whatever WE eat, well, Buddy gets some, too.

    Every once in a while, my dog lucks out, and gets a bowl of nothing but meat, :D but, to be honest, those days are not really common, cuz we just can't afford to do that YET.

    I feed Buddy "Chicken Soup For the Dog Lover's soul"
    there are other better dog foods, but i can not afford them, and my dog gets gas:sick: off of allllll the potatoes they use in the grain-free kind of dog food. And really, potatos is a lot the same as rice, oats or barley, on a nutritional level, both are carbs, much the same.

    If you dog is okay with lots of potatoes, you have more options to use "grain free" kind. MY dog is only okay with smaller amts of potatoes.

    Wellness and Orijen are great brands, tons of meat in them, but i can't afford it, and it gives my dog gas.
    but, since i can't afford Wellness, or any of the other "top shelf" dog foods,
    i use CS dog food:

    It has
    four (4) kinds of meat listed on top (hard to find)
    and no corn (indigestible to dogs)
    no wheat
    no brewer's rice (that is like peanut shells)
    no soy
    no cellulose (cardboard)
    no byproducts (that is like, ground up hooves and beaks)
    no digest (that is actual poop)
    no toxic preservatives
    it does have lots of meat, probiotics, omega 3s, and nothing truly horrible in the whole bag.
    the large bag only about one dollar a pound!!!

    i wish i knew more about dog nutrition when i had my old dog,:( i still cringe about what i fed that dog....i just didn't know back then...

    Catherine, if you DO ever decide to try a new dog food,
    do so slowly, only adding in a few kibbles into a bowl,
    then a few days later, a few more kibbles, doing the swap over slowly.

    for now, though, you *might* want to try feeding your beloved dog some plain ol rice with some scraps of lamb on it.
    just to evaluate if that makes any difference?????.............and it might not, at all. BUT, it'd be an interesting diagnostic to run on your dog, is put him on bland diet to see if his skin improves....while you make up your mind about if you do want to find a new dog food or not.

    Here is my favorite chart of dog foods,
    as it also indicates THE PRICE rating of the dog food, besides the NUTRITIONAL rating. It does NOT contain EVERY dog food, though....
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  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //We think and believe we are making the right choice....then we find out we arent doing that good of a job..//

    Well, Catherine, your current dog food is miles better than what i fed my last dog....oh wow, i was feeding my last dog the world's worst dog food....i just did not know any better back then,
    and my vet told me it was "great" dog food. :rolleyes: and it was expensive!
    too many scheisters out there, taking advantage of us dog lovers....selling us horrible stuff.

    You did way way way better than I did....way way did get really really close to a really great dog food, way

    way better than i did.

    and yeah, researching out dog nutrition is OVERWHELMING.........just makes my head explode. None of us are born "knowing" what to feed a dog. I had to learn a few things, when i brought home a severely malnourished dog,
    or probably i'd STILL be feeding crappy dog food!!!
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