dog lover thats need help fast for her dog!!!


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hello my name is amber and i found your site while looking for home remidies to cure or even sooth dog mange. a dog came in to my yard and will not leave. she is a sweet heart but her skin is very bad off and she has no fer at all!! i am disabled and raising 2 kids and i have no money to be able to take her to the vet. i called the local animal shelter hoping that they would be able to help me out. they were going to until they saw that it was a pit bull that i was talking about. the most they said they would do is take her and put her to sleep. i said theres no way i am going to let you do that!!!i brought her inside and gave her a good bath. fed her gave her water and put her in a cage(which she dosn't not seem to mind) i take her for a walk 4 times a day and she has now problem eating or drinking. every time after i take her for a walk i wipe her whole body down. i put some baby oil all over her and the next day i put some anti itch stuff all over her body. the bleeding has stoped. she is a very sweet dog and i will keep her if i am able to help her. i can't find any one elce that wants her. so if there is any one at all that can tell me anything to do for her i would so much love it and so would my dog. i do not know what i am going to name her yet. maybe ya'll can give me some clues about that to.
thank you
amber cecelia:doglaugh:


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Gosh! I don't know a thing about helping with mange... That dog is lucky to have found you.. but if you need help with her, there may be a rescue in the area (?)... one that specializes in PBs? Like "Pitty love" or "Underdog ResQ" (these are massachusetts ones I know of - they may have a network).

Good luck.. and welcome aboard.


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thanks but i have tried every thing that i can think of to get her help. i live in a very small town in the middle of no where and all the places around here do not have the money to help me or they just do not care. i wish i had the money to help her the right way because i would in a heart beat but i don't i got laid off and me my husband and our 2 kids are living off of his disability cheak which is way to small. the only thing the shelters around here want to do is put her to sleep and theres no way i am going to let that happen


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Hi Amber,
sorry to hear about your problems. I am more concerned about her not eating than the mange. I do not know what you are putting on her, but if she has stopped eating, you may be making her sick because of what you are putting on her. There are some medications that you are not suppose to put on broad areas.
How do you know she has mange? Could you describe what is going on with her? There are two kinds of mange and each require a different treatment. Then there is flea bite dermatitis that in bad cases can look like mange.
I may be able to offer some low cost methods to treat her if you can tell me what is happening with her and how she looks and is acting.