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Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by MaryK, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    My older boy Zeus has taken to eating the cat poo. I have two litter boxes and unfortunately in this place there is NO WHERE to put them out of doggy reach.

    Whilst I understand this is 'natural' behavor for some dogs, they think it stops predators so I understand, it's not the best.

    My partner especially gets furious and does the worst thing possible - shouts and makes a HUGE fuss:mad:. Which frightens my boy and makes me FURIOUS:mad: I NEVER shout at either dog!

    I quietly ask Zeus to 'leave' and most times this works BUT only of course, if I see him going to the litter boxes.

    I clean the boxes as soon as the cat's use them, when I am home, but if I'm out or cannot immediately get to the cat boxes, he's in there and leaves a trail of 'evidence':(

    Zeus though is often 'lined' up WAITING for the cat to finish and get's there first.:( Then, my normally VERY good boy, develops 'selective hearing' and will continue to eat the unmentionable:poop:.

    Or is he lacking something in his diet? He has Cushings Disease and this habit started after his sister Tiger Lily crossed suddenly from cancer. Is there a link? They were VERY close.

    Please, is there any product/method to stop Zeus which will not harm my cats or stop them from using their litter boxes. But WILL stop Zeus and restore peace in my home. Ra Kismet doesn't do this, just Zeus.

    Both boxes are covered but Zeus will still 'stop at nothing' to get to the contents.

  2. SD&B Experienced Member

    Boy, that's a tricky problem. Are you sure there is no place that that dog can't reach? How about on top of the dryer? Can you use a piece of furniture designed for litter boxes or create one yourself. (Like a nightstand or closed end table with a small opening for the cat. Doors allow you access to the litter box, but not the dog.)

    Sorry, I don't have any real solutions. I know you can feed dogs certain substances or products to make their poo aversive, but I don't know about cats. Have you checked the pet stores for a cat-poo-aversion product?
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Laundry/dryer etc. no way I'm afraid as the laundry, whilst attached to the house, is entered outside:( In the past always had litter boxes in the laundry but here - no luck:(

    I haven't seen any furniture designed for cat litter boxes here, will go down to the pet store and see if they can suggest somewhere I may be able to get same. I do recall seeing some very smart ones somewhere online in the States, so will also google and see what I can find. I don't think they would ship to here, weight etc. wouldn't be a viable proposition. Had forgotten about those:(

    To be honest, haven't heard of poo aversion products for either cats or dogs -again will, check that out at the local pet store - they do have all types of products for a lot of different animals, probably the most people knowledgeable around here.

    Good suggestion too, will look around and see what I can find - maybe opportunity shops etc. for a small bedside table or something which I can convert as you suggest. I MAY be able to rig up something with one box, which is under an old kitchen table, not used, but wouldn't be able to do same with the other one, which is under the dining table - UGH - but that's how pushed for space I am and one of the cats, when I had both under the old table, decided to 'mount guard' and refuse to let the other cat use either box - hence the ghastly situation of litter box in lounge/dining area.

    It sure is tricky but you've 'stirred' my creative juices, which had gone dormant.

    Partner isn't much help with his screaming, has now made Zeus, a dog who NEVER growled, start growling when I ask him VERY GENTLY to leave - that though I am sure I can deal with as Zeus is such a decent chap normally - he got scared I know when partner put on a MASSIVE banging and thumping session with the chairs and table,which had me wondering what the heck was going on thought the place was falling down it was THAT bad. Never dreamed he was 'targeting' Zeus. I was in bathroom, never made a faster exit in my life. I was FURIOUS:mad::mad::mad:, so partner is now more subdued on that score.

    Thank you I really appreciate your suggestions, something to think about and work on now:)
  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Eww, isn't that just the yuckiest? :eek: Wish I had some great suggestion - I just don't. Sadly, lots of dogs think "kitty box crunchies" are just delectable treats :confused: so most likely nothing is lacking in Zeus' diet. I walk a few dogs who can grab kitty poop out of some bark chips on our walks faster than crocodiles! :oops: I have to be so careful and pull them away when we're walking, or BAM! they lunge over and grab a mouthful in one swoop, I guess their radar is on, it must be fantastic stuff! Ugh. (And I'll pull a lot of stuff out of a dog's mouth, but I have my limits, and I haven't met a dog yet who will drop cat poop!). I guess it's like if we saw a huge piece of chocolate just laying around - I know I'd snag it in a heartbeat! :LOL: (and dare anyone to try to wrangle it from me!!!:ROFLMAO: )

    I wish I had some suggestions - I don't, only here to commiserate. I feel your pain. :giggle: :ROFLMAO:
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    It sure is:eek: I've been told that a number of dogs love 'kitty box crunchies' and that it's normal YUCK:(:eek: Funny thing Zeus NEVER attempts to grab anything while out walking - you have my sympathy for those dogs you walk who do - I don't know must be something in MY cat's food/litter which makes it so darned tasty to him:eek:

    Or maybe he prefer to 'know' where it come from, fussy boy is Zeus, will ONLY take a new treat if I PRETEND TO EAT IT FIRST but.....will gobble up the kitty crunchies:eek::confused:

    My limit too, refuse to even attempt to take that 'delicious' mouthful away from him, once he's got it - that's just a bit too yucky:eek: I've done some yucky things, like 'assisting' some 'stuck jeans' passing out of my late beloved Tiger Lily's bottom (she and Zeus demolished every pair of jeans I possessed on their infamous 'laundry raid') in the middle of a busy shopping area, using leaves and whatever else I could get my hands on. Whilst, at the same time, attempting to 'shield' people having their coffee and cakes at an outside coffee shop - poor things not exactly what you want to view whilst munching on your chocolate cakes:)

    :ROFLMAO: Yes, same here, just try to take a big piece of yummy chocolate away from me and I'd fight tooth and claw! But my breathe doesn't stink as badly as his does after he's had a little 'snack' - love the boy madly - but kissy kissy is OFF LIMITS until he's had something else to eat:)

    Thank you Jackiemutts for the commiseration,:D sincerely it does help to know others care and don't think I'm a 'bad' dog trainer/owner and incompetent.
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  6. Amateur Experienced Member

  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Amateur I agree prevention is the best solution, my brain went awol on this one though, too busy playing 'peace officer' maybe??:) I've bookmarked both sites and had a quick look through (getting late here) and have seen one idea on the second site (Dee's) that, after a quick look, appears to be the best. Reason, the hole for the cat would be SMALLER than Zeus' head. Another on the first site with the hole in the bottom, looks good (my favorite actually as the litter box is TOTALLY hidden YEAH) but not sure I could get two rather lazy, sybaritic ladies to use that one:D but it sure would make it impossible for Zeus to get his head in. Also, I could use that in place of the old table for one box, not sure where I could fit in another, needs thought. Maybe two different 'styles'. I will need two, because of the 'guarding' of one of my cats over the litter boxes if they are together, have to keep them in separate places now, so size will also have to be taken into account.

    Lots of ones to look through though, definitely there will be the 'purrfect' solution for ALL of us(y) And PEACE will reign once more YEAH:D And NO MORE LITTER TO BE CONSTANTLY SWEPT UP - WOWEEEEEEEEEE will not know myself:D

    Tootsie Rolls, not heard them called that - actually LOL sounds quite tasty, well would have if I wasn't aware of what they were:D
  8. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    In our house we don't have anywhere to keep the cat boxes out of reach for our dogs either. However, after being told that the littlest bit of kitty litter could harm a dogs intestines we started brainstorming like crazy. We stuck our cat boxes in our bathroom and got a baby gate to go across the door frame so the dogs can't get in. Our chi's are to small to jump it and Kodi doesn't even try. I hope this helps. I love my dogs and our cats, but I certainly don't like the breath of the dogs after they've indulged in some "Kitty Krunchies" lol :LOL:
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  9. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    hahahaha we call them kitty krunchies to! :giggle: Every dog I've ever known loves the stuff to. Kodi has also grabbed some while out on a walk and usually always swallows it. :poop: However, one time I asked him to drop it and he did! I was shocked! I can only ssume that those kitty krunchies were "spoiled" ROFLMAO!!! :ROFLMAO:
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  10. 648117 Honored Member

    Our cat :poop:-box is upstairs and there is a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. Holly is not allowed upstairs because our elderly cat that uses the litter tray lives up there and the bedrooms are up there which she isn't allowed in.

    But Holly eats cat poo out of the garden (and chicken poo if someone leaves the gate to the chicken part of the garden open).

    I think one of our cats thinks she is a dog. She doesn't jump on stuff like normal cats do, she likes being hand fed treats, she drinks out of the dog water dish and will eat the dog food if she get the opportunity (which isn't often), doesn't go upstairs, she will snuggle with any dog, Holly cleans her ears (the inside), she always comes if called (unlike Grace who only does if she is in the mood) and last week a saw her pee on the lawn just like dogs do O_o
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  11. Amateur Experienced Member

    We call Esme ( cat) our third dog. She will steal dog food right out from under their mouths when she is daring enough. Will challenge any dog for a treat - I even have to give her a bit of likety stick when training the dogs. She also waits by the door when we walk the dogs. She loves them and doesnt put up with their crap either.

    Speaking of crap ... luckily theses dogs know they arent allowed in the cat boxes - not saying they are 100 % but they are really good about it. That being said - I personally hate all the clay/crystals/newspaper clumping cat litters - something about the smell even when only used just once --- I switched to " Worlds Best " which is corn based - so even if someone got a little adventurous the worst thing that could happen was they got a bit more fibre that day. ( THis happened to one of our old dogs - boy did she have the runs the next day - lets just say she still stole cat crunchies but she didnt eat the litter after that. Swheat Scoop is good too. They clump very nicely for easy scooping too
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    That's where I kept the litter in the past but unfortunately this place only has a wet room shower. And a small one at that. Gates would work with Zeus, if I had a proper bathroom, as he doesn't jump (he's 'allergic' to agility work:D:eek:) and Ra Kismet doesn't touch the litter boxes at all. Thank goodness he hasn't learned Zeus' bad habit!!!!!!!!!!! One thing for sure, when I buy my own home again, it's going to have a decent bathroom and inside laundry where kitty litter boxes can be kept out of reach of a certain dog!

    I'll use the baby gate idea when I have the right place. I was thinking of having a 'cat flap' put into the door of a bathroom or laundry but the gate is a much easier, better solution.

    I was totally unaware that kitty litter could harm dogs OMD that's awful, and Zeus is already a sick dog, he's suffers from Cushings, so he doesn't need anything else going wrong poor chap, even if it is 'self inflicted':(

    Yes does bring on a severe case of halitosis doesn't it PHEW!!!!!!!! Most times Zeus at least has the good grace to have a drink after partaking of his singular stinky treat!
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Buddha, my darling cat, who just recently crossed was just like Esme. His BFF when he was a kitten was my GS Jacques, Bud was more dog than cat, even to laying on the back seat of the car like a dog. Put him in a cat carrier and he protested VERY LOUDLY and humm also with the other end, don't know where it all came from:eek: worked overtime!

    I've tried everything with Zeus to stop him, he's the ONLY dog I have ever had who enjoyed such dubious 'treats'. He seems to be 'addicted':eek::rolleyes:

    I too dislike the litter smell, it really pongs, even with the special deodorant. I am using Breeders Choice, which doesn't have any of the 'dust' many others have, which I know is bad for the cats. It's one of the recycled paper ones, recommended by my vet. I do not recall having seem "World's Best" over here, but will take another look and ask at the pet market, as that sounds MUCH better. Actually, I haven't seen, or recall seeing, corn based kitty litter at all over here. No use looking for it on-line from over seas as they would more than likely confiscate it at quarantine:mad: Unless of course I became an importer with a license, then it seems it's fine to import anything, the allege 'harm' fades away:mad:

    Thank you, will start the 'hunt' for corn based kitty litter, it does sound much, much better than what I'm currently using and plus it's 'better' if that's the way to describe it, for Zeus and his 'addiction'!
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    I've got one dog who DOESN'T like kitty krunchies, Ra Kismet!!!!!!!!!!!!! He doesn't go anywhere near the cat boxes and has never tried to pick it up outside. He prefers, it seems after the other day, decomposing corpses of birds:eek: Fortunately he dropped it when I said leave , I was stunned and very pleased as I did NOT fancy fishing it out of his mouth:eek:!!!!!!!!
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh for a two story house again!!!!!! That would be the perfect solution, as Zeus doesn't jump anything at all and Ra Kismet isn't any problem with kitty litter.

    My darling late Buddha, thought he was a dog. His BFF when a kitten was my late GS Jacques. Bud would sit/stay like a dog while waiting for me to serve up his food, eat Jacques' food, standing between his legs and Jacques would politely stand back and let Bud have his fill first. He hated cat carriers and would lay on the back seat of the car with the dog, like a dog. And he would snuggle up to Jacques, wash his ears and also always came when he was called, meowing all the way to let me know he was coming:love: He was quite distraught when we lost Jacques and totally disgusted when Zeus and Tiger Lily come home. Seemed to think they were aliens, not dogs:D But :LOL: he 'trained' the puppies really well. And ended up adoring them:love:

    My two sybaritic madams now are not like that at all. They're both very much "cats":).
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  16. Pawbla Experienced Member

    Ugh, I just found myself with this problem. My housemate brought her cat back and now Winston is eating cat poo. Just great. I'll be getting the poo-aversion product asap :p.
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Poor you:( I'm still looking for the poo aversion product, will have to search further afield I think:( Trip to the pet market, first order of the day, if they don't have it YIKES!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck(y)
  18. Pawbla Experienced Member

    Here it's relatively common, it's called Koprofagia.

    It has:
    Sodium glutamate

    Basically all naturally occurring substances.
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  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Pawbla:) , haven't heard of it before (the product) only the stuff for keeping cats/dogs off the garden, which of course, isn't much help.

    Haven't found it so far, so will have to search a bit further afield. Glad they're all naturally occurring substances, was a bit concerned on that factor.
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Pippa. All dogs and cats are wormed regularly with tables from the vets. Fortunately (if I may say that) Zeus eats inside poo only, both cats are inside.

    Will keep an eye on him, still trying to get the product to keep him off permanently. Also working on where/how to make the litter boxes out of reach to him but not the cats.

    This place is so small, space is a major issue!:(

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