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Hellooooooo!!!!! My name Is Yeshua... Call me Gold!!! I am only 11 years old but I have extensive years of teaching dogs: (The truth is we have more than thirteen dogs in our house and counting.) My main dog is a female American Border Collie who has been used to this country. I hope I do will not be a distraction to anyone! Thank you!

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Hi Gold. ;)R U in the US? U said your main dog is used to the country? R u new to the this country? If so welcome! (y)I live in Ohio. I am new to this site as well. Y would u be a distraction here? I already think u r 2 Cute!!:love:But sweety my kids are older than you are, I am 39 years old, really old to you I am sure!so I am just saying you will be welcomed here. It will refreshing for all of us old folks to get some new young persectives and their are other kids your age on here too!:DI bet you have probably learned a lot about how to train dogs instinctually( on your own by how you felt they needed to learn) :cool: like Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer.:cool: He learned from his dad not from books or others, ya know! His Dad didn't learn from books or others, he learned from watching their behavior and trial and error and watching what he saw and felt he needed to do. Glad to have you!:LOL: Gold please share tricks that you have taught your dogs. I have a German Shepherd :cool::eek::rolleyes:that is almost four and a new Havanese:ROFLMAO::love::sneaky: puppy she is 14 weeks old today.:ninja::love: She is a toy breed, easy to train, I just love her to pieces and I have always liked big dogs best. She thinks she is big though she bites on the GSD's teeth and nose and he weighs 110 lbs and she weighs 2.5 lbs. She calms right down though when he lets her know he has had enough:mad::X3: of her silliness.:ROFLMAO: . The breed (Havanese) was rescued from extinction from Cuba when just 11 dogs made it out and a woman in Florida rounded up these dogs from the Cuban refugees that came here and saved this toy breed. That was in 1974.They were named Havanese for Havana,Cuba. They are known as circus dogs. They are cute, little and act crazy silly all the time and try to please you with their tricks they do all by :confused::eek:O_o:cool:themselves. :sleep: Hope I didn't put you to sleep! So your main dog is American and my two are German and Cuban. Anyways, I wanted to say HI! I like the name Yeshua better ,my son is Joshua, I wonder if it is the same name in another language? but I will try to remember to call you Gold if you prefer. Tell us about your extensive teaching of dogs as you put it. :cool: What other dogs do u have?O_o I know the Border Collie(y):cool: is a smart breed too, as are mine. How long have you had your "Main Dog"? Please share what you teach and how:cool::confused: and keep your mind open:cautious: as I know I will with you, to using some of the others training methods that you learn l Their are some amazingly smart people here who have trained their dogs some awesome tricks and agility training etc... here I know I am excited learn what they do and how they do it. My trainer's first bit of advise is to never do something with your dog that you are not comfortable doing. So take advice, give advice and only do what feels right to you! My name is Christie, by the way. :rolleyes::confused::D:p
Thank you Christie! Actually Yeshua means Jesus in Jewish. I don't live in america but in the Philippines but I grew up a tad bit in Australia so I have excellent English. Just accidental typing. My Main Dog has been with me for two years and half the size of her tail now was her size back then. The only reason I think I might be distractive is because I had a group before, an online one and now they know that when I join there chat: KICK OUT! NOW!. I just hope I can do my best here! I actually copy movements and voices (I even howl at the moon with my dog....) which is why I can contact dogs. In fact I even talk to cats. There was once a time where there was a stray cat scratching every one then I saw it. It was about to attack me that's when I raised a finger, lay down like a cat and instead it hugged me. I see your dog is a Havanese Toy Puppy and other a German Shepherd.... Very excellent breeds. I'm excel in animal knowledge and dogs where the first thing I ever studied! Hope I can help! *Salut*;)
Oh and I'm writing a novel! I'm just not sure if I can post it here.....


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Ok! Let me first say that I am really impressed!! You have so much going on in your life! You will find many Border Collie fans here.

My aunt is from the Philippines! I have a small connection to that country. I don't know about your novel, but if you put it on a web page, then I am pretty sure no one would oppose a link to it. I would read it, heck, I read everything!

My real name is Beckie, or Rebecca, which ever you feel most comfortable with. I like both, and will sign either to a post. I like all animals and have 5 cats and 1 dog, as well as a bunch of other animals to numerous to list here. I look forward to talking with you :D.

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See I knew I was going to like you! You do have a lot going on in your life. I am so impressed by the cat story. I was always the kid that stray dogs that scared everyone else would follow home from school one they said looked like a lion and he met me at the bus stop every morning he was half husky half chow, he scared all the other kids and he would cuddle with me and have me rub his tummy. :pWhat is your novel about? O_oI would love to know. I think it is so great that you have so much knowledge and interest in dogs and cats.(y)I love cats too they were my first animal. I had at least one all my life then I became very allergic to them!:( I miss having one though. I used to breed large and small parrots, including Green Wing Macaws and Cockatoos and African Greys and Eclectus parrots! Hand reared the babies and all. But now I have a koi pond and my much loved dogs. :pSo I am very happy. U take care keep writing and communicating with animals the way you do. I think I used to have that really special touch you are talking about but then I got old and let myself get away from it. Dont let that hasppen to u! I still have a way with animals for sure but not like the way I used to when I was younger, like you do!;) Keep it up we like u here!
Hello everyone! Thanks for being nice. Never had this many connections back then! The novel's about a boy who becomes a knight(and can grant miracles) and teams up with his bully classmate which is really his twin then in the end in he figures out his 1000 years old, his girlfriend is a goddess and back then he and his friends were controlled by demons but his enemies now sacrificed themselves to be controled by the the demon themselves. In the end only the twin brother lives.
I really don't want to spoil I really want it published. Thanks for being friends! I just hope I can be an animal whisperer and I'm going to be a vet, priest and much more!