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    Does anyone else coupon or look for deals for dog products? We do in my family. Right now is a great time to find deals on toys because Christmas dog toys are on sale now.

    In this thread we can share deals we find, and explain how we found them. People in different countries probably can't do the same deals, but you can get an idea on how to get deals in your town.

    My Wal-Mart just changed their After Christmas Sale to 75% off today (Most did) and they still had a ton of toys. We got 4 rope toys at $.75 each, 2 small rubber squeaky toys for $.25 each, 1 of those plastic candy canes I figured we could do jumps with for $.25, and 3 (pink, green, and blue) packages of 6 toys each (Rope, Squeaky Dumbell, Plush Dumbell, Plush Beach Ball, Tennis Ball, and a Christmas themed Squeaky toy) for $1.25 each. Totaling $7.50 for a lot of toys.

    Then, Wal-Mart also posts coupons every once in a while for free download at You can print 2 of each coupon per computer. When I find a really good deal, I use every computer I can find. Then press Pet Care, and coupons will come up for pets. Right now there are 2 for dog treats. One is for $1 of Meaty Bone Dog Treats. I used this on a 56 oz. package of dog treats at $5.18, so it cost $4.18. Then there is a buy one, get one free coupon for Better Than Treats. These are $2.98 at my Wal-Mart and are basically Rawhides without the stink, and my dogs love them so much more. There are 9 per package. I got 4 packages. Totaling $10 for 56 oz. of treats, and 36 Rawhides.

    I'd love to hear and out any deals you guys have found!
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  2. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Petvalu had a 75% off all christmas stuff....saved over 100$
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    I don't have one near me, too bad! is a subscription pet service ( like Pets Love Toys and BarkBox ) that normally cost $25 a month, at a value of $40. With this code it is $12.50:

    The following 2 websites offer toys and treats up to 75% off. I haven't used them yet, but they'd be good to look at and check if what you want is on there before you make any purchases on items.
  4. 2SpoiledAussies Well-Known Member

    Petsmart has a coupon for free Catswell cat treats available if you like them on Facebook. You can print 2 per account. I got on the dogs' and cat's accounts, along with family members', to print off coupons. I currently have 12. Also, If you are just liking them, sometimes there is a $10 off of $60 coupon available. I printed it off for Dog food. is a great resource for pet items. They are much cheaper then stores. They have name brands like Nylabone, ChuckIt, Kong, Frontline and Greenies. My grandmother used to buy from here for her dog grooming shop. If you spend under $60, there is a $7 fee added, but this can still be a better deal then some stores.
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