Dislocated Hip In Basenji

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by Hoppers-Mum, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hoppers-Mum Member

    Hi all.

    Friday night my basenji Hope had a bad fall and from the impact she has dislocated her hip. The vets put it back in and put her leg in a sling but after a couple of hours at home the sling slid off and then she decided to pull the rest of it off.

    Took her back to the vet to get it re-slung but they decided to leave it off as she fights it and her hip has stayed in place as it was hard to put in as she's only young so they are hoping after we've given time for it to heal that it will be fine.

    So she's now confined to her crate (thank god we crate trained her).

    Any fun tips to pass the crate boredom time would be much welcomed. I have a kong n she has some toys in there but she's generally an active dog and very smart and I would love to releive her boredom when I can.


  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, I just replied to another member's post with a similar situation. (Bed ridden dog needing things to do.) Not sure what your pup knows already.

    Here's some ideas that are not physically demanding:
    -Targetting--get creative. Chin, paw, cheek, top of head, nose, --dogs can learn to target in many different ways, not just with nose and paw. Targetting offers you lots of options for new tricks:
    Cross paws, touch anything you ask for, not just your hand or a target; push cabinets or drawers closed(once she's a little bit more stable), and many others!

    -Advancing stays(not physically demanding at all!)
    -Shake head yes/no
    -Hold things(in mouth)
    -Shy/hide your eyes

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