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    Holly has dug some holes in our lawn in the backyard so I went to take some pictures of the two biggest holes for everyone to laugh at ;) and Holly decided to show me how she digs and expanded one of her holes a bit. She eats worms if she finds them too :sick:.
    Although she looks a bit like a terrier, she is actually half Pug, quarter Bichon and quarter Fox Terrier but seems to enjoy digging :LOL: .

    So here she is with the two biggest holes:


    And here she is expanding the hole:



    It's winter so we don't need to cut the grass, and my dad doesn't really care that much that she is digging holes (he laughed when we showed him). But we will have to fill them in in Spring and we might get her a digging pit just for her.
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    Shivon is EXACTLY the same as Holly.:rolleyes::ROFLMAO::sick: You gotta love your dog, eh??? I'm constantly tripping on the holes Shivon dug in the ground:rolleyes:. She usually digs when she has her crazy, "off the wall" moments. Her digging is getting better, thankfully.

    I don't know if a digging pit will work, she might decide to like digging in the garden or in the grass more than in the pit.:rolleyes:;):cautious:

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