Dear Lord, Thank-you for Abby


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Let's start from the beginning.
Abby was rescued from Minnesota nearly two years ago. She spent a 6 hr. plane ride to reach us. She fit right in from the second we picked her up at the airport!

Fast forward to present time.
I had phoned home to let Megan know I was working late. (single parenthood for last 5yrs.) While on my way home (appr. 10pm) my phone rang, it was Megan stating, "please don't be mad". "What happened",I asked. "The kitchen caught on fire," replied Megan. Is everyone Okay? (My mother is staying with us and has infections in her feet so she is unable to walk) Meg says fires out and noone is hurt. "I'll be right there I am only 5 minutes away".
When I arrived I saw that had it gone another 45 seconds there would have been no way she could have put that fire out! This pic is after burnt window was removed and clean-up was done.

Here is the story I got from Megan once all was calmed down:
I cooked me some Top Ramein and when I wiped up my mess I guess I threw the towel on the stove. But I forgot to turn the burner off.
I sat down in the front room and watched TV as I ate my noodles. Then Abby kept bugging me. I thought she just wanted outside until she nearly spilt my noodles with her paw as she hit me. Then I noticed the smoke and went into the kitchen and saw the fire climbing up the curtains clear up to the ceiling. Luckily there was two pans soaking in the sink and she was able to splash the fire out!! It got hot enough to burn through the window sills. If Abby had not gotten Megan's attention when she did there could have been a very sad ending to this.
We are VERY THANKFUL to have adopted Minnesota Abby!!!
Not one smoke alarm went off!!! Please everyone check your smoke alarms!!!! After 4 days of remodeling it is back to normal and Turkey day was a very thankful day!!

Jean Cote

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Wow you got lucky as heck! I'm relieved to hear that nobody was hurt and that your house is in good condition.

These are the kind of things that makes you grateful to have a dog, my dogs have kept me from doing a lot of stupid decisions in the past, and every time I go with my instincts, it ends up being a better decision.

Thanks for sharing that with us, I've replaced my alarms recently as my old one would randomly go off for no reason (of course it has to be at 4AM just to give me a heart attack!!!!). LOL.

Again, I'm glad that everyone is okay!


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What a heart-stopping experience! But I love happy endings, and this is definitely one of the good ones....thanks!

Oh...and thanks for a very necessary reminder! We just recently bought and moved into our house, and I've somehow just never gotten around to getting smoke detectors installed. They aren't compulsory here in Germany, but Hubby has agreed that they're a good idea. I also think I'll invest in a better quality fire extinguisher.

Thanks again!


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Wow!!! How lucky we are sometimes or unlucky however you want to look at it. I'm glad to hear every one is alright. I have never had a house fire thank God, but have had fires at work 800 gallons of hot cooking oil on fire, or stack fires at work. It really gets your heart pumping! I find it very sad to hear people loosing every thing in a house fire, especialy around the holidays, which not uncommon for a Christmas tree to go up in flames. Happy Holiday!!


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It is so good to hear that everything is okay. And kudos to Abby!!! Thank the Lord for dogs. They always seem to make it their duty to keep an eye on us... :doghappy:


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Wow, that is incredible!! I'm so glad everyone is OK. How poignant it is that Abby, the dog you rescued, in turn rescued your family! I bet she was the star of Thanksgiving this year!