D'Arksaëd & Anne (from France)


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first: excuse my english: I'm french! I'll try to be clear, but... If you have questions, ask!
I'm 28 years old, living in Amiens, near Paris in France. I have a cat named Cobra, and a wonderful shetland sheepdog named D'Arksaëd. A male color headed white, 15 months old, who loves balls and hugs
We began agility at the beginning of the year, after the puppy school. We learn tricks upon his arrival at home, in june 2008. Barking, spin, give me the paw, the other, stretch, play the dead, back up, touch, circle me... (I'm not sure of the english words) We are currently tring the "pas espagnol"/spanish walk, like horses (he extends its forelegs forwards), and counting (but he has to learn barking AND staying sit). I'm looking for new tricks, so I'm here!
I think that's all...